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2000 AD is a science-fiction oriented comic currently owned by Rebellion Developments, a British computer games company. First released February 26, 1977 by IPC Magazines, 2000 AD has been published consistently each week except for a period in the Summer of 1984 when production strikes at IPC halted publication. As of April 2012 has produced over 2200 issues. 2000 AD is most recognized for the launch of Judge Dredd, which first appeared in the second issue, or prog (short for programme), in March 1977.

Originally named 2000 AD as it wasn't expected for the comic to run as long as it has, the publication was originally concieved to take advantage of a coming wave of Science-Fiction and futuristic movies being released at the time. Credited with bringing a large volume of UK talent to the American Comics market, 2000 AD has also been a source of numerous film ideas and licenses. A long standing gag has been that the publication is actually edited by an extra-terrestrial named Tharg the Mighty, largely recognised for his use of alien dialogue.

In addition to the Judge Dredd Universe, 2000 AD is also responsible for creating the following other characters, some of whom have appeared alongside Dredd himself.