Virus Strain left over from the Great Germ War. Infected people rapidly alter in appearance; their hair becomes thicker, facial features become distorted, fangs appear and the skin complexion turns grey. The brain is then scrambled compelling the victim to hunger for human flesh, which they believe to be 'Forbidden Fruit'. The plague-stricken cannibals are also characterised by a strange battle cry, “Tooty Fruity!” Believed to be a twist on the name of the virus itself.

A vaccine has been developed which is 90% effective. In 2100, Mega-City Two is infected by the 2T(FRU)T virus causing thousands of deaths before the vaccine could be distributed among the population.

This starts the Cursed Earth story off.

The virus controls most of Mega- City 2 so flying in to give the virus out is almost impossible so Dredd has no option to cross the nuclear devastated wasteland also known as the 'Cursed Earth'