Judge Alvin was the first Judge to appear in a Judge Dredd story in 2000 AD, appearing in the second prog even before Judge Dredd himself (though Dredd had appeared in an advert in Prog 1).

Role in 2000 A.D.Edit

Alvin is killed with a laser cannon by the perp known as Whitey and his corpse is sent back to Justice HQ. In a flashback to Christmas 2098 (Tour of Duty: Bethlehem), Alvin is shown to be a bore who won't stop talking about being the upcoming Luna-1 Judge-Marshall.


  • Alvin's Luna-1 job, and his regaling Dredd with how great robots are, are joking references to early Dredd storylines. (It also implies Dredd got the job as Judge-Marshall because Alvin had been killed)
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