The Anti-Crime Code is the law code of Mega-City One in the comic 2000 AD.

Anti-Crime CodeEdit

  • Section 32: Permits Judges to incapacitate large numbers of citizens to apprehend perps hiding in their midst.
  • Section 59c (AKA Crime Swoop): A Judge's legal right to enter the home of any citizen and search for incriminating evidence.
  • Section 59d (AKA Crime Blitz): A coordinated search of an entire City Block by teams of Judges for incriminating evidence or signs of illegal activity. Citizens may be detained and interrogated if it is believed that they have committed a crime, assisted in the commission of a crime, or have knowledge of a crime committed by others.   

There has also been an instance where 59a was a city block search, under the ground that crime had increased to an all time high.

Judicial IndictmentsEdit

The laws created by the Council of Judges to judge their own. They are handed down by the Special Judicial Squad.

  • Judicial Indictment 1: Treason. (Death)
  • Judicial Indictment 2: Corruption. (Debadged and sentenced to Hard Labor on Titan Colony)
    • Judicial Indictment 2(a): Murder.
    • Judicial Indictment 2(b): Perverting the cause of Justice.
  • Judicial Indictment 3: Abuse of Judicial authority. (Debadged and sentenced to Hard Labor at a Cursed Earth Labor Camp)
  • Judicial Indictment 4: The illegal obtaining of a confession by a Judge from a suspect by physical torture. (Either The Long Walk or Debadged and sentenced to Hard Labor in a City Reclamation Crew - depending on the severity of the crime, Judge's service record, and Judge's motive and mental state)


Laws passed by the Judge's Council to deal with crises not dealt with in the Anti-Crime Code.

Security of the City Act of 2071: Permits Justice Department to undertake normally illegal actions should either the political or physical safety of Mega-City One be directly threatened. Originally created to remove President Booth from power after the Great Atom War, modified since to cover a wider variety of issues.

Genetic Purity Act of 2079 (AKA Mutant Segregation Act): Law forbidding mutants from citizenship within the borders of Mega-City One.

Public Health Act of 2087: Authorizes Judges to destroy any property that poses a significant health risk to the environment.

Dredd Act of 2101: Bans all forms of animal experimentation.

Fat Control Law of 2104: Forced Segregation of heavily-overweight citizens ("Fatties") following the food-shortages in the wake of the Apocalypse War of 2104. After strict rationing went into effect, "Fatties" began acquiring extra food illegally by fraud, theft, or armed robbery to maintain their weight. Convicted citizens would be assigned to segregated blocks and would not be allowed into regular housing until they slimmed down to a healthy weight. The act was repealed several years later when the crisis had passed.

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