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Set in 2104, it tells of the invasion of Judge Joseph Dredd's city, Mega-City One (MC1) by its Soviet-style counterpart, East Meg One. While the city is still vulnerable, most of the population having been infected by the Block Mania drug, the East Meg forces launch a surprise attack on all fronts, including nuking random sectors of the city. Soviet nuclear weapons are then detonated across Mega-City One's Eastern seaboard, creating a tidal wave that destroys the Atlantic Wall and many sectors.

With the wall's laser defences gone, the Sovs are able to launch nuclear saturation bombardment of the southern sectors, killing 150 million people in one fell swoop. Mega-City One's nuclear counterstrike is rendered ineffective by East-Meg One's "Apocalypse Warp", a forcefield which diverts the incoming missiles to a peaceful alternative Earth, destroying it in the process. MC1's allied states of Mega-City Two and Texas City refuse to aid their ally in order to give themselves time to deploy their own forcefield. East Meg ground troops then swarm into the stricken city via the Northern sectors, occupying most of it in only four days while Dredd tries to lead a guerrilla resistance movement.

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