The Arbitrator pump-action shotgun is a terrifyingly effective close range weapon, capable of annihilating even well-armoured enemies.

Types of ShellsEdit

It is capable of firing seven different types of shell. The type loaded is selected using the seven-position bar above the 12-shot tubular magazine. The standard loadout is usually 6 shot shells and one of each slug type. Spare ammo is usually kept in a Lawmaster's saddlebags.  

  1. Shot Shell: Fires dense plasteel shot which expands in flight, allowing Judges to take down multiple perp targets if necessary. It is the most common ammo type fired.
  2. Standard Slug: Standard large-bore alloy bullet.
  3. Armor-Piercing Slug: High-velocity dense metal bullet that can punch through armor or cover.
  4. Ricochet Slug: Rubber bullet designed to either stun or disarm a target, hit multiple targets in an enclosed area, or hit a target hiding behind cover. Although "less than lethal", it can injure, maim, or even kill a target if fired at point-blank or short range.
  5. Incendiary Slug: Bullet with a pyrochemical core that ignites on impact and sets the target area on fire. It can melt or burn any substance it hits.
  6. High-Explosive Slug: Bullet that detonates on impact, doing blast damage to the target.
  7. Heat-Seeker Slug: Once the Judge aims the Arbitrator and achieves "lock-on" with its targeting sensor, the bullet will track a living target by its heat signature until it impacts.