Real Name:
Allignment: Bad
Affiliations: Ma-Ma Clan
Portrayed by: Warrick Grier
Appearances: Dredd

Caleb is a minor antagonist in the 2012 film Dredd. He served as the second in command to Ma-Ma as well as her main enforcer.


Teaming up with the one time block whore, Madeline Madrigal, Caleb helped her found her own gang, the Ma-Ma Clan. He then proceeded to take over the top floor of the Peachtree Block for her. They slowly worked their way down each level, and eradicated the other three gangs of Peach Trees, The Peyote Kings, Red Dragons and The Judged giving her full control of the block.

He then helped push a new addictive drug called Slo-Mo, which slowed the user's perception of time to 1% of the normal rate. After making an example killing of three users she attracted the attention of Judge Dredd and the on assesment rookie Cassandra Anderson. In order to prevent the clan drug dealer Kay from being taken in and interrogated at the Grand Hall of Justice.

Caleb shot the control room guards allowing the lock down of the block restraining the two judges inside. Ma-Ma locked Dredd and Anderson on a level and pulverised it with a trio of chainguns. She then sent Caleb and some gang members to find the judges remains, to confirm their deaths. However, Dredd and Anderson survived. They shot the gangers and Dredd threw Caleb off the 76th level to his death.


Caleb carried a Vector CP1 as his personal sidearm.

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