—Captain Skank
Captain Skank
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Family Mother (In actuality a giant mutant squid)
Postion Leader of a large Pirate Crew
Affiliation Unknowingly controlled by East Meg Judges
Alignment Criminal
Status Deceased (Presumed)
Cause Electrocuted
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown

Captain Skank was a metal-haired one-eyed mutant pirate in the Black Atlantic, until in 2103 he kidnapped a Mega-City nuclear scientist and launched hundreds of nuclear missiles on Mega-City One.


Skank was a cyborg, who had replaced his hair with long cybernetic dreadlocks each attached with claws on the end. He was missing his right eye and had replaced his left one with a gleaming cybernetic one, he wore traditional pirate clothing such as an eyepatch, oversized boots etc.


Skank was down and out insane, he enjoyed killing, even his own crew when they made mistakes and had adopted a horrific squid-like creature as his mother whom he cherished deeply. At times however he was strangely polite even to his captives.


In 2103 Skank and his crew kidnapped several Mega-City Nuclear Scientists and forced them to build a barrage of nuclar missiles for him, which he then used to wipe out an entire city sector and murderering around four million people. The Judges, led by Dredd, eventually boarded his floating fortress The Carib and killed both him and a giant mutant octopus that Skank thought was his mother.

The Judges discovered that Skank was in fact a cyborg being remotely controlled by a shipmate, Tuskarosa, who turned out to be an undercover East-Meg One judge, Nikita Kramm. To prevent a major nuclear war between the two cities. Supreme Judge Bulgarin was compelled to destroy part of his own city to prevent a more devastating strike by Mega-City One.


  • In Helter Skelter it was revealed on an alternate earth Skank was the pirate king of the Black Atlantic and wasen't an East-Meg agent.
  • Skank has one of the highest numbers of kills in his name thanks to his missiles, let alone what he had gotten up too beforehand.
  • In recent comics graffiti has shown up in various random places with the saying "Skank Lives".

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