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Judge Cassandra Anderson is a member Justice Department's Psi Division, which specialises in judges possessing and dealing with psychic phenomena. Like her namesake, she possesses prophetic abilities. In addition to being able to sense approaching danger and foresee events of the near future, she is also telepathic. This allows her to read other people's minds and use mental attacks. As a young child, her abilities attracted the attention of Psi Division and Anderson was taken from her family to undergo intensive training alongside other cadets at The Academy of Law.

Character Biography[]


Judge Death[]

Anderson first appeared during the initial incursion by Judge Death, a psychotic and warped version of the Mega-City One Judges that murdered innocent citizens, under the belief that only the living could commit crime and that thus, all living beings were guilty. Anderson would prove to be instrumental in tracking Death, as well as explaining his origins to Dredd.

Once the Judges finally cornered him, Anderson trapped Judge Death's spirit in her mind when his body was destroyed. However, to prevent Death overwhelming her and escaping she was caught in a bubble of the miracle plastic "Boing", trapping her and Death together in stasis. Anderson was then entombed - and enshrined - in the Hall of Heroes within the Grand Hall of Justice. Given a heroes' burial thanks to her efforts in saving the city.

Judge Death Lives[]

Unfortunately for Mega-City One, Death would soon escape thanks to the aid of his lieutenants, and fellow "Dark Judges"; Fire, Fear and Mortis, who manipulated a citizen to cut through the Boing and release Death's spirit. Fortunately, Anderson was well enough even after her stasis to aid Dredd in dispatching this new threat. Beginning their massacre, the Dark Judges created a psychic shield around Billy Carter Block before beginning to kill the citizens inside. While conventional weaponry proved ineffective at piercing the shield, Dredd and Anderson used her psychic abilities to push through before seeking out the shield generator and destroying it.

After she and Dredd destroyed the Dark Judges' corporeal forms, they were able to retrieve the Dimension Jump belts they had been using and pursued them. Travelling to Deathworld, after initially being unable to resist the Dark Judges' combined psychic assault, Anderson was empowered by the collective suffering of the Judges' victims who remained trapped in Deadworld. With their help she permanently - or so it was assumed - destroyed the Dark Judges with pure psychic energy.

She has since been involved in tackling many other attacks by the Dark Judges, who even managed to use her as an instrument of their plans for in one such attack, tricking her into opening the gateway to their own dark dimension. Anderson was crucial in foiling a number of criminal plots, although she failed to prevent the Sov saboteur and assassin Orlok in his escape from Mega-City One. She would face down a number of psychic and paranormal threats, including possessions and other unusual happenings.

Psi Judge Anderson[]

Anderson is perhaps the most prominent member of Psi Division, and although critical of the weaknesses evident in the Judicial system of Mega-City One, she has been deemed too valuable to lose. In contrast to Dredd, she has a pronounced sense of humour and she is able to form personal friendships with fellow Judges. Regardless of this, her resourcefulness and tenacity mirrors Dredd's own and the two have often worked together, including during the mission to infiltrate a Sov missile silo during Apocalypse War.


Anderson would suffer a crisis of conscience following the resurfacing of childhood memories of her abusive father (as told in the story Engram). She was shocked to find that Psi Division had set mental blocks in her mind to make her forget this abuse when they inducted her into The Academy Of Law to train as a judge. Though Anderson understood the Division's reasoning that she was more effective without those memories inhibiting her psychic abilities, she still felt embittered towards what she saw as another example of the way the Department attempts to control and pervert the truth for its own purposes.

Anderson would also be particularly shaken by the suicide of her close friend, and fellow Psi, Judge Corey. This further compounded her misgivings not only about the Judge system and Mega-City One but also humanity as a whole. Anderson would briefly leave Justice Department and travel the galaxy, before returning once more to aid the city.

Further Adventures[]

The Possessed[]

One of Anderson's earliest missions saw her called in to Ed Poe block, where a juve named Hammy Blish suffered from demonic possession - an unlikely but not impossible event even in Mega-City One. Anderson was able to verify that it was a true possession by a being calling itself "Gargarax", calling in Psi Division's Exorcist Judges before following a premonition and discovering that an entire cult of witches had got its roots into the population of Ed Poe Block.

However, the Exorcist Judges were unable to contain the Blish kid's possession, and Hammy would venture into the Undercity where the cult had opened a portal into Gargarax's dimension. Venturing in after him, Anderson fought her way through a horde of demons, only to discover the juve about to be sacrificed. Knowing - from an earlier premonition - that his sacrifice would unleash a tide of demons over Mega-City One, Anderson was forced to kill Hammy, disrupting the ritual.

Although the portal had been closed behind her, thanks to the intervention of Psi Judge Walters and the rest of his team the gateway was reopened, allowing Anderson to escape back to Mega-City One. While the cult was rounded up and jailed, Anderson was shaken by the killing of Hammy Blish, no matter the justification.

Hour of the Wolf[]

Anderson was plagued by nightmares of a giant wolf running amok in Mega-City One. Rather than a literal premonition this turned out to be a revelation of a plot by Sov agents within the city to help Orlok - the architect of the Block Mania epidemic that crippled Mega-City One in the lead-up to the Apocalypse War - escape the Judge's custody. However, thanks to the Sov agents badly injuring her in an explosion, Anderson was unable to help prevent them hypnotising a Judge to provide Orlok with a drug which made him appear dead. After Orlok was taken from his holding cell, he was revived and was able to escape Mega-City One, with Anderson given the task of executing the remaining living members of the Sov cell.


Anderson would be instrumental in helping to restore a global psychic network known as the Golden Web, preventing the return of an underground race of evil humanoids called the Deros. Journeying into the Himalayas, Anderson would interact with the psychic consciousness known as the King of the World. However, restoring the so-called "Golden Web" that protected humanity and Earth came at the cost of Mega-City One Judge Rickard, East-Meg Judge Lychenko and Psikop Amisov - whom Anderson formed a brief romantic relationship with after the two had made psychic contact during the Fortean events precipitating the Deros' return. Despite the losses incurred, Anderson's actions ensured the Deros were driven back underground and that - for a brief while - humanity could endure.

Childhood's End[]

Anderson would quit Justice Department after an experience on Mars where an encounter with her old nemesis Orlok and an alien race who claimed responsibility for sowing the seeds of life on Earth convinced her of the futility of using violence and control to achieve temporal goals. She and Orlok both abandoned their respective roles, and embarked separately upon itinerant soul-searching across the various parts of the galaxy colonised by humanity. During her journeys, Anderson visited a number of alien worlds and began a brief, but passionate, relationship with Orlok due to the two's shared experience.

However, during her journey Anderson found herself on the planet Tartini-9 and experienced a life-altering vision that convinced her to return to Mega-City One. Despite the apprehension of the Justice Department, Anderson was allowed to return - under probation - due to her unique psychic talent and quickly showed her capability by dispatching a would-be group of assassins at the Mega-City One spaceport.


Cassandra would be sent to the asteroid Chiron to investigate the mining magnate Vernan D'arque. Thanks to a strange alien device, D'arque was in fact a compound mind, with several consciousness' being melded into one. Anderson was sent after a message from one of D'arque's melded components, Rafael Smersh, seemed to confess to a murder decades earlier and indicated that he had been absorbed into D'arque's consciousness under duress.

During her visit, D'arque proposed that Anderson join his compound consciousness. And although Cassandra gave it serious consideration, after her psychic examination of D'arque's mind revealed his true, malevolent nature, she quickly reconsidered. But thanks to D'arque's interference a group of environmentalist rebels destroyed the Justice Department ship that had brought Anderson to Chiron, marooning her on the asteroid.

While Anderson presented her investigation as being a simple murder inquiry, she was in-fact sent to spy on D'arque and retrieve the device he had used to complete the mind melding process. However, when Anderson removed the device from its containment field, the alien race - beings comprised of pure thought - which D'arque had stolen it from arrived and nearly destroyed Chiron.

With D'arque's own project - to transfer his mind from an ailing body into a new, custom made clone form - was interrupted by the destruction of his new body, he and Anderson were mind melded with Kong, one of D'arque's G-manimal servants. This left Anderson and D'arque both trapped, but still separate, within the mind of Kong. Discovered drifting in space after D'arque disposed of it, Anderson's now mindless body was kept under Justice Department supervision, while Anderson, D'arque and the mind of Kong battled for control of his body.

Anderson was eventually released and restored to her original body when she managed to aid Kong in destroying D'arque as he tried to transfer his consciousness to Anderson's body. In the process, Anderson was forced to shoot Kong in self-defence, killing both him and (presumably) Vernan D'arque for good.

After a deadly run in with Judge Death, Anderson was placed in a coma and infected with the psychic Half Life virus that would be released if she ever awoke. She was able to contain the virus within a web of psychic constructions and illusions, but she was slowly dying. A team of Psi-Judges was sent in to rescue her and destroy the virus; they succeeded in rescuing Anderson, at the cost of nearly the whole team, but Half Life passed on to Judge Gistane, who was then experimented on by the mad Judge Fauster so he could use the virus to achieve immortality. When Half Life was unleashed on the city causing a wave of mass murder, Anderson was the one who stopped it.

Since exiting her coma, Anderson is still dealing with her increasing age; she is now pushing fifty and since being a Psi stops her from using the drugs & treatments that keep aging Street Judges active, she knows she will eventually be unable to do her job anymore. She will eventually meet a tragic yet inevitable end.


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