Dredd is a judge in Megacity One, an enormous walled conurbation of 500 million people occupying an area of the Eastern seaboard of the USA which has stretched as far as Boston to the North and Washington to the South at various points in its history. The large supporting cast of characters in the Judge Dredd strip - serialised in the UK weekly comic 2000ad, monthly in The Judge Dredd Megazine, and in a stand alone title published monthly by IDW in the USA - include judges other than Dredd - such as judges like Giant, Hershey, Anderson, Roffman, andBeeny - or recurring criminal characters such asOtto Sump, Chopper, Mean Angel, Orlock, Spikes Harvey Rotten, and the serial killer PJ Maybe. Following a global nuclear conflict in the mid-21st century, a few cities with densely concentrated populations are all that's left of humanity. Other Megacities to feature prominently in the strip include Texas City, Brit Cit, East Meg 2 (Russia), Cuidad Baranquila (Central America), and Oz (the Sydney-Melbourne Conurb)

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