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Chief Judge is the title given to the head of state of Mega-City One and is the highest rank in the Justice Department. Most of them have had Deputy Chief Judges, stepping in if the Chief is killed, incapacitated, or away. In reforms started by Volt, they will only be acting-Chief Judge until confirmed by a senior Judge vote.

It is also the most commonly used term for a head of state across the world. This started when each mega-city in the United States gained an autonomous Justice Department and Chief.

Equivalent terms have included Chief Justice (Brit-Cit), Supreme Judge (Sov Block), Shogun Judge (Hondo), Chief Inspector (Cal-Hab), and Judge Supremo (Ciudad Barranquilla), though they have also used the term "Chief Judge" anyway. Luna-1 has a Judge-Marshal. In early strips, the MC-1 title was Grand Judge and IDW's comics they have been called Chief Justice.

Mega-City OneEdit

List of Chief JudgesEdit

List of Chief Judges
Name Term Notes
Eustace Fargo 2031 - 2051 Chief Judge Eustace Fargo was the founder of the Judge System
Hollins Solomon 2051 - 2057 Judge Solomon had previously served as Deputy Chief Judge under Fargo.
Clarence Goodman 2057 - 2100 Judge Goodman had previously served as Deputy Chief Judge under Solomon. Longest serving Chief Judge to date.
Cal 2100 - 2101 Judge Cal had previously served as Deputy Chief Judge under Goodman.
Griffin 2101 - 2104 Judge Griffin was the first to become Chief without being part of the previous government. He seized power in a rebellion against Cal.
Hilda Margaret McGruder 2104 - 2108 Judge McGruder was part of Griffin's Council of Five, and the only member still alive after the Apocalypse War.
Thomas Silver 2108 - 2112 Judge Silver was voted to be Chief by the Council of Five.
McGruder 2112 - 2116 First Chief Judge to serve a second term.
Hadrian Volt 2116 - 2121 First Chief Judge to be voted for by senior Judges.
Barbara Hershey 2121 - 2131 Judge Hershey served as Deputy Chief under Volt. Position confirmed by vote.
Dan Francisco 2131 Elected in a referendum against Hershey.
Martin Sinfield 2131 - 2132 Served as acting Chief Judge only
Francisco 2132 - 2134
Hershey 2134-2141 Given power by Francisco when he stepped down, with no vote to confirm her position. She resigned when she was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and was voluntarily euthanised shortly afterwards.
Logan 2141- Incumbent. Nominated by Dredd and Hershey.


The first election took place after McGruder stepped down the first time but this was due to exceptional circumstances: the Council of Five was entirely comprised of new members. They voted among themselves for Silver as Chief Judge. It was when McGruder stepped down the second time that the first election among senior Judges was allowed.

Under Volt's reforms, every Chief Judge has needed to be confirmed by vote. If Judges are unhappy with the current leader, a formal petition can start an election for a new one.

Elections so far have seen:


Winner: Volt (208 votes)

Defeated candidates: Dredd (130), Herriman (49), Hershey (13), Plaski (withdrew).


Winner: Hershey

Defeated candidate: Loblaw


Winner: Francisco

Defeated candidate: Hershey


Election aborted

Candidates: Sinfield, Dredd

Foreign citiesEdit

Named bosses

  • Brit-Cit: Chief Justice Willink (2124), Chief Justice Leavy (2126)
Chief Judge Barnett

Oz's Chief Judge Barnett

  • Murphyville: Chief Judge Maginty (at least 2113 to 2114), Chief Judge Krilly (2126), Chief Judge Stephen McGann (2137)
  • Oz: Chief Judges Bob (at least 2110 to 2112), Bruce (2126), Keith (2126), Barnett (2140)


  1. First mentioned in prog 1452, set 2127; a different looking, unnamed Judge Supremo was shown in the Megazine the same year
  2. First-year anniversary in Megazine 300, set in 2132
  3. Deren and Kennedy from IDW's Mega-City Two: City of Courts, which was deliberately written so it could be in continuity with 2000 AD
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