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Chief Justice Eustace Fargo was portrayed in the 1995 film Judge Dredd by the late veteran Swedish actor Max von Sydow.


Fargo is the Chief Justice of Mega-City One and is a "legend" to other Judges, and set the standard that others aspire to with his stellar record as a street judge. He was also one of Judge Dredd's mentors when Dredd was a student at the Academy of Law. As Chief Justice, he no longer works on the streets, focusing exclusively on the Academy and serving on the Council of Five. He is concerned with the high number of Dredd's summary executions and death sentences, and so orders Dredd to start lecturing ethics for two days a week at the Academy.

When Dredd is accused of murder, his trial is judged by the Council of Five which Fargo heads. Fargo is highly distressed when Dredd is found guilty on DNA evidence and is able to get the sentence commuted from death to life imprisonment by retiring and taking the Long Walk out to the Cursed Earth. Dredd is captured by the Angel Gang and Fargo comes to his rescue but sacrifices his life in the process. Before dying, he saw the Blind Lady and he tells Dredd that she was justice before the Judges were created. He tells Dredd that he and the Judges should never have taken justice out of her hands and created more chaos. He explains to Dredd the Council of Five's secret cloning program, known as the Janus Project, initiated forty years previously that created both Dredd and his brother Rico from Fargo's own DNA.

Both were given artificial memories of childhood, and they became close friends. However, while Dredd became the ideal Judge that the Council hoped for, Rico's personality twisted and he instead became the perfect criminal. Dredd was forced to judge Rico for murdering civilians, but instead of being executed Rico was sent to Aspen by Griffin. Since he and Rico share the same DNA, Dredd deduces that Rico framed him for the reporter's murder. Fargo concludes that Griffin is trying to reactivate the Janus project, and begs Dredd to stop him before dying. Dredd looks up to the Blind Lady and he vows to bring justice by stopping Rico and honor Fargo.

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