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Citizen Defence Groups (or Citi-Def) are formal militias in Mega-City One and Texas City[1], with a different group for each city block. The idea is that they will defend their blocks from disaster or attack and assist the Judges.

In practice, the Citi-Def's are often badly trained, full of bored and belligerent citizens, and are often the cause of problems: Citi-Def's have been involved in block wars, disastrous training exercises, or secessions. The Chief Judge only places them on active alert during emergencies, for fear of what they might do otherwise.[2]

Their most prominent positive role was in the Apocalypse War. Citi-Def soldiers fought bravely against the East Meg One invaders, working directly with the remnants of Justice Department. They've subsequently fought for the city during Judgement Day[3] and in Nero Narcos' Second Robot War, and some loyalist groups helped the Judges secure blocks during Chaos Day.


Weapons shown include:

  • Heavy light guns
  • Rocket launchers
  • Sonic cannons and sonic wave generators


The Citi-Def was first introduced in 2000 AD Annual 1981, for "The Case of the Urban Gorillas!". They were quickly taken out and only shown in gym clothes. Later strips would them distinctive uniforms.


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