Cursed Earth

Cursed Earth in the immediate area outside Mega-City One from the 2012 Dredd film

The "Cursed Earth" is loosely defined as any areas outside of the city walls of the Mega Cities. Exactly how far it extends and its exact mileage or kilometers in square units is unknown at present. The cursed earth could be a region specific to North America or it could be any irratited wasteland on this post-apocolyptic world. 


The inhabitants of this region are Comprised of Mutants, exiles from mega cities, robots, criminals and in some cases monsters, although there are small groups of normal humans dotted around the wasteland. There is a prominent and notable criminal gang operating somewhere in the Cursed earth going by the name of Angel gang.

Geography, Terrain, and TriviaEdit

It is Known to be a large area of blasted radiation wasteland that covers the majority of the United States, formed from the fallout of the Atomic Wars. The Terrain in the Immediate Area at the walls of Mega City One are devoid of any life or vegetation. This section resembles the Sahara Desert but further deeper into the Cursed Earth, the terrain changes noticably and you begin to see trees and different types of vegetation where ever there are fresh water sources. This section resembles more like shrub-land like the Kalahari Desert.

Judge's who survive long enough to retire are offered a choice of either teaching in the Academy of Law, taking a desk job or taking The Long Walk, where the retiring judge is provided with weapons and provisions and sets off into the Cursed Earth to bring the Law to the lawless.

Judges who feel that they are not fit to serve the city anymore may opt to resign and take the Long Walk as a form as penance.



Famous Judges who have taken the Long WalkEdit