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Deadworld is the realm of the Dark Judges.


It started out as being recognisable as a future Earth, but - while having advanced technology - still more similar to late 20th/early 21st century than contemporary Mega-City One. There are various differences to the main reality, including the Judges and the names of American states (the existence of Tuscarora), but the crucial difference is that the world already viewed life more cheaply than Dredd's own. Judge Death once sneered that life was not the "sacred institution it is [in MC-1]".


The early 21st century[]

The Judges would come to power as a federal force[1], armed with J-Wagons, AI Lawriders linked to the "Judgecloud", and heavy firepower. They had even greater power than in Mega-City One and could give any sentence at their discretion. [2]

Tainted part7 montage

Montage of past horrors

Only children had dreams by the 21st century and it was considered a strange, dirty thing to continue doing. Psis would continue to dream and were taken away by the Judges, where their psychic energy was violently removed by the Dream Elimination Department. [3]

In its past, America was part of a major war known only as "the Big One" [4] which may or may not be the same as the Federal Gas War. One of these wars left areas of the capital wrecked, with abandoned buildings and overgrown bomb craters, such as Sector 17. That sector would become so notorious the Judges only entered mobhanded.[5]

Streets of Deadworld

The streets of the capital

There was severe environmental collapse during the 21st century, with extreme storms and swarms of "critters": mutated locusts. The later could escalate into "critterstorms", a particularly bad one being the Great Critterstorm of '34.[6]

By the midpoint of the century, the Judges were powerful enough to advertise graft and violence as a reason to join up (as well as "FREE LUNCHEON VOUCHERS"). [7] The citizens suffered under their cruelty but there was little done about them.[8] Abroad, a Sov Federation had formed, and the Atlantic had become the heavily polluted L'Atlantique Noir.

One of the top bands on Deadworld was Skool of Hate. TV near the end had "My Favourite Car Smash" and "The Banzo Show", an advert for Banzo junk food. [9] Justice Department was aware Banzo was using human bodies as part of their production line but there were so many mouths to feed, they turned a blind eye in exchange for bribes.[10]

One of the stars of Justice Department was Judge Ava Eastwood, whose partner Judge Leigh was also secretly her lover.

Death rises[]

Young Sidney De'ath was the son of brutal serial killer and travelling dentist Sigmund De'ath, and started his work by arranging for his sister's poisoning and killing the family dog - something he considered formative, as the dog was forever a "good dog" once he was dead. He helped his father torture and kill people, being told the people had "worms" in their skulls.[11]. He allowed older kids to bully him, to the confusion of his schoolmate Sandra who thought she was saving him from a beating; when given a chance to torture her by his father, he passed it up to return the favour. Later, she was a witness to him arranging a fatal 'accident' for his bullies at a Skool of Hate concert. [12]

Life in Deadworld

Sandra living in Deadworld

As he entered his teens, Sidney began to resent his father's recklessness (and glee at beating him at chess). As his father was likely to get caught, he reported him to the Judges in order to escape notice himself. He then signed up at Law School to expand his reach, easily tricking his way past the psych evaluation that Judge Eastwood (the arresting officer) had ordered and getting fast tracked into training. He would be allowed to execute his father as a treat at Law School, after proposing to the tutor that doing it as a show trial would help regain citizens' trust. His father's last words were regret his head was also full of worms, before telling him "good boy" as he died after Sidney left him a king chess piece and told him he'd won. [13]

Meanwhile, Sandra went onto university and spent her time in a apathetic, depressed daze. She was vaguely aware Sidney had become a Judge and continued to have haunting dreams. [14]

Death in court

De'ath lays down the law

After years of secretly murdering the "wets" in Law School who thought his ideas were sick, he was given a routine day in charge of civil court in Sixth Year. Trainee Judge Sidney gave the death sentence to all twenty seven cases, whatever their plea: when the shocked principal tried to discipline him, De'ath's passionate argument forced him to stand down. After that, the other Trainees called him "Sidney Death". [15]

Ten years after the concert Sidney visited, Skool of Hate killed themselves but would continue to have posthumous albums.[16]

The future Judge Fairfax was abused by his father before becoming a Trainee Judge.

Upon graduating, the first thing Judge De'ath did was find and murder his mother and sister.[17]

At some point, both the American and Sov governments developed Weather Control[18] The very south of the country, bordering Amexico, was heavily mined for oil & gas and became the polluted Fracklands, "five hundred miles of hell" [19] with many of the original residents evicted and some of those that restored given a life sentence of servitude in the military's "national resource protection unit[s]". [20] The pollution would cause the unfortunate people who remained to mutate.

The last President, Douglas Boone, was a Sov asset. Before his end, he had built a great wall on the Fracklands/Amexican border to keep out mutants and the Kartel.[21] The Federal Gas War was the last act of his presidency, fought against Gazco which ceased recognising nation-states. The Fifteenth Cavalry penal unit under Captain Walt Tucker, including Patti Halliday and a young Harvey "Spike" Roman, was ambushed and massacred by Gazco's robots in Iron County. Roman deserted during the battle, which Halliday would hold over him years later (and not mention the ambush happened because she was drunk on recon). [22]

After the war, the Judges overthrew Boone[23] and he fled to the Sov Federation. A growing anti-Judge resistance movement formed but officially did not exist - asking about them on TV got a talkshow host shot.[24]

Fairfax was going to be washed out of Law School for lack of violence before Sidney intervened. Recognising the trainee was afraid of losing his temper and "wants to be punished", he had Fairfax taunted over his abuse until he lost his temper and savagely beat the other trainees. Having proven Fairfax "has the makings of an excellent Street Judge", Sidney killed and replaced Judge-Tutor Cain for failing to achieve the same.[25] The next day, he brutally hurt the trainees Fairfax had fought and announced he was the youth's new mentor.[26]. Fairfax passed his final assessment and became a full Judge after helping Sidney obliterate the Martinez crime family for trafficking Kartel cocaine into the city without giving Sidney his agreed cut.[27]

Death's philosophy of life causing crime began to catch on with other Judges, including three eager officers that included Judge Fuego. This one was nicknamed "Judge Fire" after he burned an entire school to death for breaching noise regulations.[28] Fuego would be sent undercover to infiltrate the resistance.[29]

Eight years before the fall, Judge Eastwood - whose personality was the model for the Lawrider interfaces - took the 'long walk' and went into hiding in the capital slums.[30] She was apparently unaware Sidney De'ath had decided years before to take everything away from her, including arranging for the death of Leigh.[31]

Two witches, the future Sisters of Death, set up shop in a cave system around Sector 17 and it gained a reputation of being haunted after a series of murders; the water treatment plant was named the "Cavern of Lost Souls" due to the mysterious deaths of over a hundred workers. One unfortunate man had been transformed into their lackey, Half Life, who was a test ground for various diseases.[32] While they appeared to be human women, years later Sister Psiren would have visions that they were ancient things from some other reality entirely. They would later state this world was "already broken" and they were just speeding up the end.[33]

Deadworld Judges under Sidney De'ath's command

Cassandra Anderson's mind ended up in Sandra's body and she attempted to stop Death from forming. She tried to locate the resistance in Ex-Sector 17 but was captured and tortured by the Sisters; she witnessed Sidney coming across them and forming an alliance over their mutual interests. By the time she escaped, the Judges were on a kill-spree inspired by Death and sentencing people to death for the smallest crimes. [34] Sandra joined up with the resistance and Fuego steered them into trying to liberate the psis from the Dream Elimination Department; Death was waiting with a judicial squad and many resistance members and children were killed.[35]

Around this time, the Sisters had convinced Death that he could only truly be free from guilt himself is he was dead. [36]

The Fall begins[]

The blighted earth

The Earth rots

The Sisters began to transform Death and his closest acolytes into unkillable ghouls. Anderson led the remaining resistance soldiers to the caves too late to stop it, as Fuego had forewarned the Sisters to speed it up. After Death killed the remaining resistance[37], his lieutenants were transformed as well and their first combined act was to kill Chief Judge Drabbon[38] - who was suffering a breakdown over the influence Death had on his department - and take control. However, Death didn't fully trust the Sisters and had Mortis secretly stockpile dead fluids. [39] (He also had his father's corpse dug up so he could talk to it and play chess games that he would 'win')

At first, few people knew anything except that a coup had happened. Tek-Division were told to create a "GM variant" of the dead fluids under the codename Red Mosquito, which was released into the biosphere and water supply, creating nodes of infection. Tek-Div was unaware of the full nature of the project and when auxilary Martin Stender found out, he initially thought the "new guy in charge" was 'merely' plotting genocide to strengthen his position, though he was aware his boss Mortis didn't seem fully human. [40] Across America, crops had begun to fail after the bees "changed" and died sick, while what did grow was often twisted.[41] The dead fluids in the water began to drive people mad.

A mass exodus from the capital took place as food riots and judicial massacres descended into a lawless free-for-all between rioters, resistance, and Judges.[42] Even in the capital, few knew what was truly going on. Stender and mob enforcer Jackson McGill tried to take out the 'Red Mosquito' supplies at the Center for Disease Research in Rennick but failed utterly. [43] An attempted resistance raid on the Hall of Justice, unaware of what they were up against, was wiped out by Judge Fear as he manipulated and terrorised the rebels into picking each other off.[44]

The Dark Judges used Weather Control to both spread the infection [45] and hit the midwestern states with "Superstorm Cassandra", with murderous cults and "critterstorms" following its wake due to the dead fluids; the Sisters' mental powers helped 'recruit' various senior Judges. The corrupt Judge Fairfax, the old Chief's fixer, fled for his life for the Chief's secure bunker in the Fracklands. Resistance cells were steadily picked off as Judge Fear interrogated prisoners.

In storm-devastated Tuscarora, Fairfax forcibly recruited a farming family called the Childs to continue his escape - unaware Death wanted him as a fourth lieutenant and was sending agents. Between the plagues and the dead fluids spread by Death's 'Grey Division', all of the Childs died as a result except for young Jess; out of guilt, Fairfax took her in. His conscience had also been nudged by his hacked Lawrider, "Byke", who was gaining a sardonic intelligence and questioning his actions. Unknown to him, Jess was a prophesised Judge Child that would oppose Death, an avatar of life - something Death was aware of [46] and Byke was aware it was Jess.[47]

Young Mortis at weather control

With the city mostly secure, the Dark Judges continued dropping dead fluids into the food chain and blanketed the southern states with blizzards.[48] Corpses were reanimated with dead-fluid batteries and AI as "deadheads", effectively deputies to make up for dwindling Judge numbers.[49] To take advantage of the chaos, the Sovs had Boone make broadcasts into America, revealing he was alive and calling for patriots to rise up.[50]

Fairfax and Jess made it to the Fracklands, by which point Fairfax was cut off from Justice Department's drug regime and was suffering the effects; she stopped him from instinctively killing a mutant family and gave chocolate to one of the children. The Fifty-First Mobile Irregulars resistance militia had already made it to the ex-Chief's bunker, raided it, and set it on fire, before taking Fairfax and Jess back to their base at the Wall. Unknown to Jess, their leader Walt Tucker, was her long-lost father.

Tucker planned to rig a bomb in Fairfax and leave him for the Judges to find so they could blow up the Chief Judge, while their hacker Casey Tweed, to Jess's disgust, dissceted and 'killed' Byke to gain Judgecloud access. Unfortunately for them, Sister Psiren and Judge Gates had tracked Fairfax to the Wall, and Judge Fear attacked the area. Fairfax let himself be captured so Jess could flee - having heard the militia's psi Agitha Proudwater that 'Unci Maka' had chosen Jess and manifested as a horse, the girl believe she meant Byke and installed the machine's chip into a horse-like Mobile Combat Platform from the Gas War. She had time to suspect Tucker was her father before he was killed and his body used as a new host for Judge Fear.

Home capital

The Capital, secured.

Byke and Jess were believed killed when Casey Tweed, converted by dead fluids, blew up the Wall for Psiren. Luckily, they were saved by the Angel mutant family she'd shown kindness to earlier. [51] Psiren returned with Casey and Fairfax to the capital, covering up that Proudwater had caused some of her human memories to resurface. Casey was installed as the new Tek Division answering only to Psiren and told to stay away from the Sisters of Death, who he had a crush on - only Psiren could see what they truly were. (He immediately began torturing the severed head of Judge Gates, seeing him as a representative of "every queen-boffing fratboy dick.) Fairfax was visited in his holding cell and greeted by Judge Death, with his dead lover Collins resurrected as a 'gift'.[52]

Staples Deadworld

People around the capital waiting for execution

With all local resistance in the capital crushed, the brainwashed regular Judges began dragging the remaining people from their homes and taken them to the Dark Judges' new base, a vast twisted monolith, for mass execution. The sun itself was being blotted out by darkness at this point. A time-travelling Death and Dredd would inadvertently end up here to witness the massacres but, despite the future Death's attempts, were unable to alter the timeline either way. [53]

Jess, Agitha, the Angels, and other survivors holed up at the Wall's ruins, while mutant refugees came through looking for food. Seeing in a vision that Fairfax was crucial to preventing the apocalypse, the rebels went the capital to rescue him. Dukes of Meth drug-runner Harvey "Spikes" Roman was forced to lead them to the Amexican druglord 'El Cadaver', in the hope of securing transport; he was willing to help as Death had killed his brother, Martinez, years before, and sent his daughter Destyny to assist in the killing. Jess, however, began to suspect Byke had been lying and wasn't an AI at all, but a spirit, "one of them".

Meanwhile, Chief Judge Death performed a series of purges against those Judges considered weak and unfit, while an elderly Ava Eastwood attempted to claim seniority on surviving human Judges and fight back. [54]

The coup[]

Casey's coup

Casey Tweed was growing disgruntled and feeling disrespected by Psiren, and decided to visit the Sisters of Death behind her back. Unknown to him, the Sisters had fallen out with Death, learning he saw them as replaceable; he'd reacted violently when they mentioned there had been "othersss before you" who had proven insufficient. Feeling it was time to replace Death, they seduced Casey into being their new figurehead due to his pliability and self-destructive nature. He hacked the deadheads, turned Judge Gates into an enforcer, and made his move, unwittingly at the same time Jess Childs' rebels were making an attack on the capital. The Sisters of Death recognised the arriving Byke as "the third Sister".

The resistance plot had been expected by Death and he wanted to lure them into his grasp, and he easily slew Destyny Martinez in seconds - only for Casey to catch him off guard and blow him away.[55] Death decided to depart in spirit form and allow his enemies to "fight each other for scraps" while he worked on the long game. To his confusion, he was sucked into the First Veil and confronted by the ghost of his father, who taunted him that he'd won. Death realised this "bond" with his father was the last attachment he had to humanity and he violently cast the wraith aside.[56]

Mortis doesn't recognise Casey

Mortis snubs the new Chief Judge

Byke confronted the Sisters, who reprimanded her for violating the "rules" against direct intervention, and rescued Sister Psiren who had continued to regain human feelings, while Jess retrived Fairfax only to discover he was already converted by dead fluids. [57] Judge Fear took out several more of the resistance. [58]

Sov President Nenovich ordered Boone killed by his 'lover' - having captured his digital likeness, he no longer needed the real man - and, misunderstanding what exactly was going on in America and thinking it was just a social collapse they'd engineered, ordered Marshal Kazan to begin a long-planned invasion. Aware of this, Judge Death had ordered Mortis to secure Justice 1 at Cape Citrus and prepare a counterattack[59], and Mortis' Space Force duly seized a Sov space station as a staging crowd. When he called in to report, he found Casey in charge and refused to acknowledge his authority. Mortis told his force to continue Death's plan, while Judge Fire defected to the new leadership and Psi-Division's Judge Whisper tried and failed to undermine Casey.

New Amsterdam bombed

The various machinations were interrupted when the Sovs attacked, with nuclear strikes at New Amsterdam and the East Quba Quays and the Red Razors under Colonel Mira Ruin landing at the capital. Red Razors immediately found themselves in over their heads as the undead swarmed them, before being hit by psychic and malware attacks that compromised their front forces. The Sisters' spirits went to the First Veil and referred to this as the game entering "its next phase", with every death in the Apocalypse WAr fuel for the higher veils.

'Byke's' spirit escaped her shattered robot form, while the rebels came under attack from Judge Gates; he was defeated by a psychic attack reminding him of a human feeling, his love for Psiren. They next took out Judge Whisper with a psi attack which allowed the Sovs a chance to regroup. Simultaneously, Eastwood's cell hit the Banzo factory in search of Casey, who started to fall apart under pressure and blamed people for abandoning him - right as Byke's spirit entered Destyny's corpse. He glimpsed her true form as the third Sister and then, briefly, the Parallel universes waiting judgement from a horde of alternate Deaths.

As Death had instructed, Judge Mortis destroyed the Sov's Earthshield so weaponised weather could devastate their launch facility in Belaruhk. With the Federation thus helpless, Mortis sent a taunting message to President Nenovich before dropping stockpiled dead fluids on Megagrad as a weapon of mass destruction. Soviet land was warped into vast, arcane towers surrounded by screaming corpses.

Jess Child, while trying to find the Sisters, was sucked into one of the higher veils[60] while Death's spirit was drawn back to Earth, entering his father's corpse.[61]

A dead world[]

Deadworld sea

The ocean after the end

After the planet was killed, the Dark Judges constructed several monuments to their achievement: a twisted "Necro-City One" of many-angled towers, a statue to mark the spot where Judge Death killed the last human, and a mile-high statue of Death constructed of human teeth.[62]

They then sat around with little to do and many were consumed with their own personal issues and fears. Sister Despair began experimenting on a few survivors she'd hidden away, until Judge Fire (jealous she spurned him) executed her for this treason. Judge Mortis began to grow a "garden" out of the dead but only the arrival of an alien race, giving him new people to kill, truly got him out of his ennui. Judge Fear was haunted by an encounter long ago with a child that was not scared of him, and feared something else was coming for him. [63]

Finally, Death decided that most of his acolytes had become too much like the living and gathered them for a great cull. Only his original three lieutenants survived, as he felt they could be 'rehabilitated'. After this he sat in darkness, sure there would be a way to leave Deadworld and find new sinners to judge. [64]

Dimension-travelling aliens duly arrived in Deadworld and were immediately butchered. Death used their technology to leave for Mega-City One. [65] Two years later, after the other Dark Judges had followed, Cassandra Anderson (from an earlier time to before) would track them back to Deadworld and channel the angry ghosts of the planet against the fiends. Unfortunately, their own ghosts survived and on a later trip to the dimension, Anderson would be tricked into giving them form again.[66]

The Sisters of Death remain trapped on Deadworld, making several attempts to reach out to Dredd's own and assist the Dark Judges in killing that as well.

Unknown to Mega-City One, a being called the Boneman remained on Deadworld, tasked to remain and remember the dead. He watched the results of a "failed ascension", "the Final Triad" stripping the atmosphere of electrons, and other horrors, and secured the Deadlands border from incursions from the First Veil. As he wandered the planet over the years, erosion and winds would turn all the bones and the once-tall Necro-City towers to dust, leaving the world a truly dead desert.[67]


Join the Judges, Sidney

The federal Judges were armed with J-Wagons, AI Lawriders linked to the "Judgecloud", and heavy firepower. The Lawrider interface was given a persona based on the late Judge Ava Eastwood.[68]They had even greater power than in Mega-City One and could give any sentence at their discretion: it was indicated by Sidney's tutors that he could have gotten away with killing a handful of people at his court hearings. [69] For decades they were feared as brutal and heavily corrupt.

As with Mega-City One, Judges were trained from childhood. Instead of an academy, they lived in a remote Law School that was structured akin to British boarding schools. They were taught as Trainee Judges how to torture and kill without remorse[70] but normally stick to the "Three I's" of Inter, Interrogate, Intel. [71]

By the time of the fall, Judges were on a strict drug regime to keep them aggressive and loyal to the Chief Judge, and suppress any traumatic memories.[72]

It does not appear that the Judge system had caught on overseas, as there were no Soviet Judges seen in the Soviet Federation.

After Death took over, many of the Judges were corrupted into working for him. Those that were transformed were called "Judge" if male and "Sister" if female.

Dredd Vs. Death[]

In the 2003 Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death video game, Deadworld is the last level: Dredd pursues Death's spirit to the desert wastelands and fights through reanimated skeletons to rescue captive Psi-Judges. In the novelisation, mad scientist Dick Icarus's ghost remains behind on Deadworld, unable to pass on and screaming for oblivion.

Lawman of the Future[]

In the Lawman of the Future comics, a for-kids spinoff from the Stallone film, Judge Death is an undead version of Dredd himself from an alternate timeline. Here, the Justice Department of Mega-City One was failing to stop a wave of crime and fell; Judge Death here was a slain Dredd, his desire to enforce the law stronger than death, but when he rose from the grave he'd been driven insane. He turned the remnants of Justice Department into the Dark Judges and slaughtered the world. The spirits of Deadworld were trapped inside Death's Soulgem, allowing him to weaponise them against his foes.


  • How many people lived on Deadworld before the end? In "Goodnight Kiss", Garth Ennis had a manifestation/hallucination of Death tell Dredd that he killed "barely half" of the two billion Dredd had nuked during Judgement Day - but it's unclear if other strips have been following this (or if that was the 'real' Death, or a fact Dredd knew about). In prog 2210's "Deadworld: Last Man Standing", the Boneman is unsure of the exact number of deaths, asking "a billion deaths. Two, five, ten... what does it matter?"
  • While the stories "Boyhood of a Superfiend" and "Half-Life" use slang and imagery that implicitly puts Death's origin in future Britain, "The Fall of Deadworld" explicitly sets it in a version of United States.
  • This world's United States has different place and state names. There's a midwesterm state called Tuscarora (after a tribe originally from North Carolina) and a Cimarron County within it, a New Amsterdam instead of New York, and Florida is East Cuba. Mexico is instead called Amexico and there is a Belaruhk in Eastern Europe. An equivalent of Statue of Liberty holds a furnace in her hands and is reading from a book.
  • In "Fall of Deadworld", Kek-W and Dave Kendall created numerous parallels to characters and concepts from the main continuity: an alternate Robert L. Booth and Spikes Harvey Rotten, a Judge Child prophecy, kindly versions of the Angels, an equivalent of the Cursed Earth and a battle against swarms of robots there, and an Apocalypse War (complete with genocidal bombardment of the Sovs) that involved the Red Razors spetsnaz group. Eastwood, a famous elderly Judge returned during a necropolis, is sometimes drawn reminiscent of Dredd.


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