The Deputy Chief Judge of Mega-City One fills in for the Chief Judge when they are absent or ill. Not all Chiefs have had a Deputy Chief: the office was vacant between 2103 to 2116 and 2132 onwards. During McGruder's second reign, she would appoint a random senior Judge as acting-Chief in her absence (Barbara Hershey during Judgement Day and Greel in 2116 when she was on Hestia).

In the past, they became the Chief Judge if the incumbent died but after the Volt reforms of 2117 they are only acting-Chief Judge until an election can be held.

The position was introduced in prog 61, as Assistant Grand Judge; it was renamed Deputy Chief Judge from prog 86 onwards.

Other states with a Deputy Chief Judge position include Texas City, with Honus in 2114 and Wotan in 2118[1]; East-Meg Two, with Dimmtrob Riboflavin in 2114; Oz, with Bruce "Dago Red" McDoggler serving in 2117[2]; and Murphyville, with Grainne Walsh in 2137.

List of Deputy Chief JudgesEdit

List of Chief Judges
Name Term Notes
Hollins Solomon and Clarence Goodman (joint) 2032 - 2051 First deputies under Chief Judge Eustace Fargo
Goodman 2051 - 2057 Under Solomon.
Fodder ??? - 2100 "Assistant Grand Judge". Murdered by 2(T)Fru(T) victim.
Cal 2100 Became Chief after murdering Goodman.
Deputy Chief Judge Fish 2100 - 2101 Cal's pet goldfish (a reference to Caligula making his horse a senator). Assassinated by Dredd.
Grampus 2101 Commander of the Klegg mercenaries. Killed in battle.
Pepper 2101 - 2103 Rebel leader under Griffin and Dredd. Assassinated.
Herriman 2116 - 2120 First Deputy in 13 years. Assassinated by Judge Mortis.
Barbara Hershey 2120 - 2121 Would be elected to formal Chief Judge in 2122.
Martin Sinfield 2131 - 2132 Given the role after getting Dan Francisco elected Chief Judge. Replaced Francisco by illegal means.
Cardew 2132 Resigned.


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