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—"Deputy Chief Judge Fish
Deputy Chief Judge Fish
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Postion Deputy Cheif Judge
Affiliation Judge Cal
Alignment Neutral
Status Deceased
Cause Assasinated
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown

Deputy Chief Judge Fish was the pet of the insane chief Judge Cal, who made him Chief Judge during his reign.


Fish was, simply put, a small goldfish.


Fish was appointed as Deputy Chief Judge by Cal during his reign. Apparently Judge Fish made daily proclomations to the people of Mega City One, which only Cal could understand.

When Cal starts to execute the people of Mega City alphebetically he only gets so far when the SJS Judge Slocum, who had been forced to assasinate Judge Fish by Dredd, presents Cal with the body of his Chief Judge, distraught Cal calls off the executions and goes to mourn. During Judge Fish's funeral Cal is enraged that no-one but Cal and his Judges had attended his Deputy Chief Judge's funeral.

Afterwards Cal appointed Grampus, the leader of the Kleggs that Cal had hired as enforcers, his new Deputy Chief Judge.