Drex (American spelling) also spelled Drix (British spelling) is a Small time Criminal an a night club owner in sector 5 of Mega City 1, hes a character found in the Fan made Dredd spin off series known as Cursed Edge
Drex (Dredd)

This is a picture of the Criminal Known as Drex.


Role in Cursed EdgeEdit

He was involved with a new kind of drug which eventually attracted the attention of the Drug prevention unit known as Wally Squad, An also his eventual capture by Wally Squad member Yvonne Hollister. He makes a Reappearance in prog/chapter 4 in the minutes from about 7:30 to 9:30 and again from 10:15 to about 11:15. These two sets of minutes clearly seem to indicate that Drex has knowledge of Geek Gorgan and that its also theoretically possible that the mysterious drug from chapter 1 and the Red powder drug might actually be one and the same exact drug. Although its not clear if these are the same exact drug it is known that both the sparkle drug and the red powder drug are both supplied to Drex though Geek Gorgan.


  • It remains unclear what the actual effects of the Mysterious drug that Drex was dealing had. Its speculated by viewers that it gave people bio-luminescence ability and made them visibly sparkle, but this could have just been the lighting in the Night Club that Drex owned that they were located inside due to the fact that Judge Holister can also be seen sparkling as well and she did not take the drug, this leaves viewers unsure as to what the drugs effects actually were.
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