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Drugs are pharmaceuticals, narcotics and other banned Chemical compounds that have been mentioned in the various universes of the Judge Dredd Multi-verse.

Known Drugs[]

  • Anti-Ageing - A drug that helps keep a judge from getting older. some times its prescribed by a Med-Judge when this Judge sees that his patient has shown signs of fatigue from getting too old.
  • Babooba Dust - A hallucinogenic described as "a mauve powder with a coppery smell" and used by shamans of the Speelor moons, only one grain is required to send a user on a two hour trip. The substance leaves no trace in the bloodstream.
  • Block Mania - A drug that makes people crazy (Mentally unstable) and get violent.
  • Psyche - A successor drug to Slo-Mo that came onto the market in the months following Ma-Ma's death, effects include Hallucinations, Deja-vu, it can even cause psychotic episodes in users in some cases.
  • Slo-Mo - A drug that makes people get high. it does this by slowing their perception of time.
  • Stookie - Stookie Drug is a form of Xeno-Technology. Similar to anti ageing, this is made by the "Adifax Gland" of the dead Alien Stookie's
  • Zziz - A stimulant

Banned or Restricted Substances[]

  • Alcohol (Inconsistent)
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Tobacco - importation / posession of tobacco is forbidden except in an authorised Smokatorium, [1]
  • Uncle Ump's Umpty Candy - a confectionary sold in Mega-City One which became known as "the sweet that was too good to eat." Although not a narcotic, it tasted so good that it was impossible to stop eating it once it had been tasted. People who tried to give it up experienced severe withdrawal syndromes. Black market Umpty is made by criminals and those that sell it are known as "Umptybaggers".


  • It still remains unclear wheather or not Block Mania should be considered a Drug or a Chemical. In the Comic books its stated that this substance was placed into the Watersuply of mega city one by the East megians during The Atomic wars (2070 -2104). if its true that its just a chemical compound that was placed in the water supply then it remains unclear if the substance was ever produced in pill form and thus be considered a drug.