East Megians are a civilization that arose from the predecessor civilization known as the Union of Soviet Socialist
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An East-Meg Judge.

Republics (USSR, or Soviet Union) the people of this civilization are also called Soviets or Sovs for short in addition to East Megians. the East Megians operate from the Mega Cities of East Meg One and East Meg Two. Located in the European part of what is now the country of Russia. This Civilization has about 103 million people, and is a complex mix of ethnicities. Several went extinct before and following the nuclear holocaust with America, but many survived, such as Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians and several others.

Territory and GovernmentEdit

The East Megians are a shadow of their former Soviet selves in terms of territory controlled. After the Apocalypse war they lost East Meg One in the region around Moscow. Close to 40 million people used to live in this Mega City. Much of the Outback around Russia either Asiatic Russia (Siberia) or European Russia has been depopulated some of it is irradiated wasteland and the rest is too frozen to support people. Survivors from East Meg One were relocated to East Meg Two. East Meg Two has a population of roughly 100 million people - half are Russians and the rest are smaller ethnic groups. The government of the East Megians is a dictatorship.

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