Eric (Dredd)

Eric working at his computer on the new Slo-Mo drug.

Eric was a notable Character who appeared in the Movie Dredd's 2012 Prequel: Top of the world. He is the Chemist that invented the drug Slo-Mo. He appears to be Ma-Ma's boyfriend or Love interest. He was brutally murdered by Ma-Ma's pimp Lester Grimes. As a direct result Ma-Ma killed Lester in a vendetta attack shortly afterwards. Although Eric died before his drug could be mass produced its formula was not lost when Eric died due to the fact that its formula was saved on his computer.

Personality and Traits Edit

Although pragmatic in the sense that he is willing to produce and sell Illegal drugs in order to make a living for himself, Eric is however shown to be a genuinely decent person, he truly cares about Madeline and wants to help her leave her life as a prostitute by helping her escape her pimp and go into business with him, in the hope that they can both achieve a better life for themselves together. He sees Madeline as an equal rather than property as Lester does, as such Ma-Ma shows a warmer side to him than she does to anyone during the 2012 film by which time she lost much of her humanity, the interaction between the two shows that Madeline was at this point capable of compassion/love for others, this aspect was brought out by Eric's respect and affection for her.


After Eric's death , Eric's invention the Slo-Mo Drug went on to be Mass produced and mass marketed. This resulted in Ma-Ma making a fortune. His death caused Ma-Ma to lose her humanity. Eventually Ma-Ma was Killed by Judge Dredd and Cassandra Anderson.  After this Cassandra passed her Judge Exam and was promoted from Recruit to Rookie. Eventually Slo-mo is referenced to in the Cursed Edge Series. Its generally assumed that at some point Eric's Legacy known as the Slo-Mo drug will come to a end. From that point on the Legacy of Eric will come to a end due to the Street Judges of Mega-City One completely Stamping out this drug from existence ,but however as of November of 2015 with the arival of Cursed Edge Prog 4 this as yet to have been shown on film.


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