"You know, you aren't a very good negotiator, Judge. You want to know why? You got no fucking leverage! Now here's the deal: you let me walk out of here, or I'm gonna blow her fucking brains out! Okay?"
—Ethan Zwirner to Judge Dredd

Zwirner holds his Armscor BXP on Rosa.

Ethan Zwirner was a junkie and small-time criminal.

He was portrayed by South African actor Jason Cope in Dredd.


Shortly before Judge Dredd recives the tip off about the Peach Trees incident, he notices a minivan driving very erratically on the zoomway. Dredd realizes that the drivers are under the influence of narcotics and attempts to stop the vehicle after Control informs him that the owners of the van are violent felons wanted on multiple charges.

Unwilling to spend years in an iso-cube, the driver tells Ethan to fire on Dredd with his Armscor BXP submachine gun. Zwirner, who was on Slo-Mo at the time, isn't willing to go quietly and starts to shoot at Dredd. The van speeds away from Dredd and winds up hitting a pedestrian, so Dredd uses the miniguns on his Lawmaster motorcycle to blow out the tires, causing it to crash. The driver and passenger are killed but Zwirner survives and flees into Peach Trees, were he shoots a Fattie and takes a girl named Rosa hostage. Dredd briefly attempts to negotiate a life sentence in the iso-cubes for Zwirner, but he makes it clear that he is not going to comply with Dredd's ultimatum, so Dredd ends the negotiation and fires a hotshot flare into his mouth, burning through Zwirner's head and killing him.

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