The Fattie Resident of Brando Block was a white man about 50 years old and
Fattie (Cursed Edge)

This is a Picture of the Fattie that Judges Labelle and Eames questioned about the missing Judge.

did not have much information about the missing judge that Brit-Cit Judge Labelle was trying the find.

Role in Cursed EdgeEdit

The Fattie provided a alternate theory as to the disapearance of the missing Judge. Fattie Proposed that the missing Judge went crazy and purposfully went AWOL rather then the current theory in which he was kidnaped. Also the missing Judge was thought to have gone to the GEO facility. and due to the fact that a Judge was seen inside of the GEO facility at the start of the chapter killing Civilians its been theorized that Fatties alternate theory of the missing judge going AWOL is the more likely scenario then the judge having been Kidnaped. Unless of course the Judge that was killing the civilians in the GEO ffacility is the one that Kidnaped the missing Judge.


  • This Fattie is free to leave the Fattie block known as Brando Block at any time due to him having aparently reduced his weight.
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