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Freel was a conscripted member of the Ma-Ma Clan.


He was not a official member of this gang. As Dredd ascended up the Peachtrees block, alongside Anderson and their prisoner Kay, Freel and his friend and criminal partner Amos follow, and stand off against Dredd outside an elevator. Dredd nearly persuaded them to stop but their confrontation with Dredd and Anderson provided the opportunity for Kay to free himself and take Anderson as hostage.

The two began firing on Dredd and failed their task when Dredd incapacitated them with a stun charge. Amos surrendered and was not charged with attempted murder but was given the lesser criminal charge of obstructing Justice on an official Police Action against Ma-Ma.  Along with Amos, he apparently went to the Juve Cubes, or remained free of the Ma-Ma clan's toxic influence. His fate is unknown. 

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