Herman Fergusson
Real Name:
Herman Fergusson
Aliases: Fergee
Allignment: Good
Portrayed by: Rob Schneider
Appearances: Judge Dredd

Herman Fergusson, knowns as "Fergee", is a character from the 1995 film Judge Dredd, portrayed by Rob Schneider. He is based on the charactor Fergee from the comics only his full name is given as Herman Ferguson. The film incarnation of the character is that of an anti-hero as well as a source of comic relief.


At the beginning of the film, Fergusson has just returned to Mega-City One after serving six months for illegal hacking. He is assigned to live in "Y" block,  Heavenly Haven which is in the middle of an inter block war. Fergusson tries to escape by hiding himself inside a city droid but is caught by Judge Dredd who sentenced him to five years for willful sabotage and habitual offending.

Act 2 Aspen penal colonyEdit

On the shuttle departing for the Aspen Penal Colony, Fergusson is seated beside Judge Dredd ,
Judge dredd 1994 reference

This is Herman Ferguson and Joseph Dredd Seated next to each other in the opening of Act 2

who  has been wrongfully convicted of murder. Their shuttle is downed by the Angel Gang and the pair fight and defeat the Angel Gang with help from several Judges.

Act 3 EndingEdit

He and Dredd get back into Mega-City One by climbing into a Tunnel. With the help of Judge Hershey, where they discover a plot masterminded by Rico Dredd to create evil clones to take over the city. During the showdown with Rico he de-activates Rico's ABC Warrior robot to rescue Hershey. The robot shoots him in the torso, but he was conscious and speaking clearly - requesting that they pull over by an automated teller machine, in fact - as he was loaded into an ambulance at the end of the film.

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