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Indonesia was the location of the megacity Djakarta until 2114 and is the current home of New Jakarta. Most of the islands are covered with a network of mutant coral: the Web.


The Atomic War mutated Indonesia's coral reefs, causing them to grow out of control and survive on land. The islands were eventually overrun and the government sought the aid of Hondo's techno-wizard Masamune Taoka. He created a "cybernetic serpent" that infiltratred the coral and allowed it to be manipulated; the country created coral 'blocks' to house its population. However, the sheer cost of Taoka's services - and the added pressure of Hondo "undesirables" they were forced to accept - prevented Indonesia from creating a Judge force. The coral network ended up with the highest crime rate in the world. [1]

One megacity, Djakarta, was constructed around old Jakarta. In 2112's Deros crisis, the Manticore manifested in the city and born again cannibals assumed high office[2] (prog 701).

The crime rate had drawn in outsiders who saw a land of opportunity. Unfortunately for them, when Takoa was killed the coral began mutating again and Hondo's military used heavy firepower to contain it - and the prevent the people within it from leaving. The beseiged hellhole became known as "the Web", a place that had ensnared and preyed on people. [3]

Djarkarta was overrun by zombies and destroyed by nuclear strike on Judgement Day. The Web survived and is contained by a Hondo garrison.

In 2118, Hondo used an Indonesian warlord called Governor Garuda (officially governor of twelve Web provinces but known as a mercenary and corporate tradier) to raid Mega-City Two's data bunkers - a deniable way for them to get the necessary data. Judge Dredd pursued the mercenaries to the Web, arriving at the same time Shimura was after Garuda to rescue slaves. Garuda was killed without revealing his employers.[4]

Judges refered to New Jakarta's gambling syndicates in 2132. [5]


  • Djakarta was first shown in the Shamballa world map and then destroyed in its next mention.
  • There's some clashes between Judgement Day and The Web: Sabbat mockingly asks where the Judges of Djakarta are when The Web will claim there are no Judges, and while characters mention Judgement Day in The Web they never mention the use of TADs on Indonesia six years ago!


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