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Biographical information
Gender Male
Family Cathy (Wife)
Unnamed Child
Postion Ma-Ma Clan grunt
Affiliation Ma-Ma Clan
Alignment Criminal
Status Deceased
Cause Shot
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Dredd (2012 film)
Latest Appearance n/a
Portrayed by Scott Sparrow
Japhet was a low ranking enforcer in the Ma-Ma Clan.


Japhet was a young man in his twenties, he had short curled hair.


Japhet was a young man who cared deeply for his family and was rightly fearful of the Clan.


During the lockdown of the Peach Trees building. He is wounded during a failed ambush of Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson , being the sole survivor, He is then executed by Anderson for the crime of attempting to kill a Judge. Before Anderson executes him, he begs for his life. It is later discovered that he has a wife named Cathy and a child.


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