Judge is a title held by several significant characters in the Judge Dredd series.The role of Street Judges combines those of judge and police officer, thus avoiding long legal wrangles by allowing for criminals to be tried and sentenced on the spot.

The Judges themselves are not above the law -- a violation that would earn a citizen a few months in an Iso-Cube would get a Judge a twenty-year sentence, to be served at hard labor on Saturn's moon, Titan, after modification to enable the convict to survive outside there without needing an expensive space suit.

In the Judge Dredd future history, the Judge system originated in the United States (see Mega-City One), but spread to other countries around the world. In most of these nations the Judges also control all aspects of the government.

Notable Judges appearing in the series include Judge Anderson, Judge Hershey, Judge Kraken, Judge Giant and the eponymous Judge Dredd .



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Judge hierarchy

Mega-Special #2's oft-ignored stab at explaining how the Department works

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