"Choke on it, Dredd!"
—Chan's last words.
Judge Chan
Judge Chan
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family N/A
Postion Corrupt Judge
Affiliation Ma-Ma Clan
Alignment Criminal
Status Deceased
Cause Crushed Windpipe by Judge Dredd
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Karl Thaning
Judge Chan was a corrupt Judge from Mega-City One. He knows the Ma-Ma Clan and works Contracts for them.


Chan was a Judge with a muscular build and a cleft chin.


Chan was like the other corrupt Judges seen, he was tired of protecting Mega City One and decided to act out mercenary work instead.


Judge Chan had worked as a Street Judge for the Mega City One Justice Department for years. Over this time he became disillusioned with the city and its justice system believing it to be a pointless act trying to clean it up leading him to become a corrupt judge who works as a mercenary for hire for crime lords who have the funds to hire him for his services. He was assigned to Sector 9 at the time that the Ma-Ma clan locked down Peach Trees.

One night in the late 21st century, Madeline Madrigal bribes Chan along with three other corrupt judges (Alvarez, Lex and Kaplan) with one million dollars split four ways to kill the infamous Judge Dredd. Chan shot the block's medic in the head to prevent him testifying against Ma-Ma. Their cover was blown when Chan did not enquire as to the well being of the second judge who called for assistance, Cassandra Anderson. Dredd grew suspicious and Chan attacked. A brief fight ensues where Chan holds Dredd against a wall with his forearm to Dredd's throat. Chan tells Dredd to "choke on it" but Dredd intercepts and knees him in the groin. Before Chan can respond, Dredd grabs Chan's holstered Lawgiver pistol and pulls the trigger, shooting through Chan's foot. With Chan weakened, Dredd starts punching him in the throat repeatedly before smashing his face into a metal railing, breaking his nose. Dredd then takes Chan's Lawgiver and uses it to smash his windpipe. Dredd tells Chan to "choke on that" and walks off, leaving Chan to slowly suffocate to death and drown in his own blood. Chan's corpse falls to the ground in front of Lex and Alvarez.


  • Out of all the deaths in the entire film, Chan's was the only one that contained hand-to-hand combat and was arguably the most savage and brutal death in the movie.

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