Judge ClassesEdit

The Judge System In Megacity 1 requires many classes to keep it operational. A detailed list of the classes is below

Street JudgeEdit

Street Judges are the majority of the judge force. They are responsible for all law being upheld in the City. In usual circumstances they wield the Lawgiver, Lawmaster, and a Truth Detector as their Primary Tools for justice.

Some Notable street Judges:

Psi JudgeEdit

A PSI judge is the Mental core of the judge force with psychic abilities. They are often called in to read a Perp's mind or Scry out someone's location if a Street Judge is unable to find their Perp. The Most Notable Judge in the PSI department is Judge Anderson a PSI judge involved in all aspects of the Judge Death Cases and also involved in The City of the Damned story in which the Judge Child is stopped once and for all.

Examples include

Tek JudgeEdit

A Tek judge (Technical Judge) Is the backbone of the Judge system. They run, upgrade and maintain all aspects of a Judge's equipment. They are the inventors of most of the Judge weapons systems and armor and build all Mechanical Gadges and Vehicles the Judges use.

Judge PilotEdit

The Judge Pilot is very simply a Pilot trained to fly in Space, Cursed Earth Weather and avoiding the flying vehicles and ramps on Luna 1.

Exorcist JudgeEdit

An Exorcist Judge is part of the PSI branch but is solely Used to fight Demonic Possession, A rare case that only happens 20 or 30 times a year in Megacity 1.

Riot Squad JudgeEdit

Judges equipped with quick solidifying foam guns used to dispel any activites that need finishing quickly.

Wally Squad JudgeEdit

Undercover Judges that pretend to be gang members so the can leak intel to command.

Desk JudgeEdit

Judges that take up the roles of receptionists, often being Judges too​ old to take to the street and not having gone on the Long Walk.

Holocaust Squad JudgeEdit

Heavy armoured Judges that go into intense situations often things like bombs or in one case, a nuclear reactor.

Med JudgeEdit

Judges called in when a fellow judge is injured or hurt.

SJS JudgeEdit

Judges that look into any corrupt judicial activites, being dubbed The Judges who Judge the Judge's.