Judge Esposito
Carlos Esposito
Real Name:
Carlos Esposito
Aliases: Esposito
Allignment: Good
Affiliations: Mega-City One Justice Department
Academy of Law
Portrayed by: Peter Marinker
Appearances: Judge Dredd

Judge Carlos Esposito was portrayed in the 1995 film Judge Dredd by Peter Marinker.


Esposito is seen serving on the Council of Five of Mega-City One and presided over Judge Dredd's trial for murder. He reluctantly accepts Judge Griffin becoming Chief Justice after former Chief Justice Fargo took The Long Walk in an attempt to pardon Dredd. He, along with the other members of the Council of Five unenthusiasticly agree to Griffin's suggestion to open the files from the Janus Project to try and replenish the decreasing number of Judges. Afterwards he and the rest of the council were shot dead by Rico Dredd.

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