Judge Griffin
Real Name:
Unknown first name, last name Griffin
Aliases: Griffin
Allignment: Bad
Affiliations: Mega-City One Justice Department
Academy of Law
Portrayed by: Jürgen Prochnow
Appearances: Judge Dredd

Judge Griffin was portrayed in the 1995 film Judge Dredd by Jürgen Prochnow. The film version of Griffin is more akin to Judge Cal from the comics.


Griffin serves on the Council of Five and openly expresses his views that Mega-City One needs a tougher criminal code and to expand executions to include lesser crimes. When Judge Dredd is put on trial for murder and seemingly incontrovertible evidence is introduced by way of DNA traceable rounds, Chief Justice Fargo asks to halt the proceedings so that he can confer with Griffin.

Fargo is deeply upset that Dredd may be guilty of murder and may have the same homicidal tendencies as Rico Dredd, both want to stop the truth from coming out. Fargo does so, and Griffin becomes Chief Justice, and it soon becomes clear that Griffin plotted the removal of Dredd and Fargo, to gain this position and to push through his new, stricter laws, and restart the cloning program on a larger scale. Unfortunately he had arranged for Rico to escape from jail to help in these schemes. Upon seeing that Rico had swapped the DNA samples for the Janus project with his own, Griffin tries to stop him, but Rico kills Griffin in an attempt to seize power for himself.

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