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"You know what Mega-City One is Dredd? It's a fucking meatgrinder. People go in one end, and meat comes out the other. All we do... is turn the handle."
—Judge Lex
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Postion Street Judge
Affiliation Mega-City One Justice Department

Academy of Law

Ma-Ma Clan

Alignment Bad
Status Deceased
Cause Shot in the back by Judge Anderson
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Dredd (2012 film)
Latest Appearance Dredd
Portrayed by Langley Kirkwood

Judge Lex is a corrupt Judge from Mega-City One. He was portrayed in the 2012 film Dredd by South African actor Langley Kirkwood.


Judge Lex has worked as a street judge for the Mega-City One Justice Department for over twenty years. Over this time he became dissilusioned with the city and justice system leading him to become a corrupt judge who works as a mercenary for hire for crime lords with the funds to purchase his services.

One day Ma-Ma bribes Lex and other corrupt judges Alvarez, Chan and Kaplan to kill the renown Judge Dredd. Their cover was blown when Chan attacks, and is killed by, Dredd. Dredd then kills Alvarez but runs out of ammunition, and Lex shoots him in the torso. Lex moves in to execute Dredd, but Dredd stalls him long enough for Judge Anderson to arrive and kill Lex first.


  • "Lex" is the Latin word for "law."
  • He states to Dredd that he's worked as a Judge for 20 years, implying that he used to be an honest Lawman before the crime rate disillusioned him.


Make her dead.

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