Judge McGruder
Real Name:
Evelyn McGruder
Aliases: McGruder
Allignment: Good
Affiliations: Mega-City One Justice Department
Academy of Law
Portrayed by: Joanna Miles
Appearances: Judge Dredd

Judge Evelyn McGruder was portrayed in the 1995 film Judge Dredd by Joanna Miles. Her appearance is based on Chief Judge Hilda Margaret McGruder from the comics.


McGruder's main role in the movie is as serving as prosecutor in the murder trial of Judge Dredd. During the trial she reveals that every Lawgiver fires rounds with the DNA code of the Judge to whom the weapon belongs, thus making identification of the shooter possible with the recovery of the slugs from a victim. She successfully prosecutes Dredd despite the defence put up by his colleague Judge Hershey. After a huge number of Street Judges were murdered, McGruder and the other Council Judges agree to Chief Justice Griffin's request to unlock the Janus files as a replenishment option, but she and Council Judge Esposito refuse to go through with it.They and Council Judge Silver were then quickly shot and killed by Judge Dredd's rougue brother Rico Dredd.

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