Judge Mortis
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family N/A
Postion Dark Judge
Affiliation Dark Judges
Alignment Evil
Status Living Dead
Cause Turned into unkillable force by the Sisters of Death
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown

Judge Mortis is one of the four Dark Judges alongside Death, Fear and Fire. He was once a Judge from the parallel world Deadworld, and was transformed into his horrific form by the two Sisters of Death. His powers allow for anything he touches to rapidly rot and decay.


Mortis stood tall amongst regular humans, he had a body composed of old rotten bones, with a sheep's skull as a head. His fingers were long and twisted, he also had a short tail. His clothing was a tattered Judges uniform with a skeletal bat creature in place of an eagle above his left sholder, and a rack of bones on the right. His badge resembled a horse skull and his belt buckle had a winged human skull. Among the dark judges, only Mortis and Fire lack helmets of their own.


Mortis was one of the more warped of the four on Deadworld, amusing himself with grotesque experiments with the dead and manipulation of corpses. During missions, he is usually all business. He has no issue with murdering children.


After the fall of Deadworld, Mortis fell into depression, staring at the same stopped watch and lamenting the lack of anything left to do. He grew a corpse 'garden' and worked on various projects (like making "wine" out of ground-up remains) to distract himself. When aliens landed, Mortis attempted to gain their trust after learning of whole other worlds he could kill; he ended up gleefully slaughtering them and now waited, happily, for his chance to get offworld when more aliens came.[1]

Mortis attacks cadets


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