The Desk Judge as he was known in the year 2013 and early 2014 Otherwise known as Judge Turpin in late 2014 after he made a re-apeance in the 3rd chapter making him only one of a few repeating characters and Geek Gorgan is also set to make a re-apearance in the fourth chapter when he has to do battle with Judge Labelle and possibly Eames. The Desk Judge was a character that was featured in the second and Third chapters of the Cursed Edge series.

Role in Cursed EdgeEdit

In this role, he played or portrayed a Judge that was always suited up in riot gear like all the rest and was ready to go but for some reason he would always decided to just stay at his post in his office rather than go on a actual mission as a Street Judge. There was one occasion right after he was done talking to Yvonne Hollister that the Chief Judge called and told him to go on a Mission but he refused. So even though hes not actually a Desk Judge hes refereed to this way do to his inability to hit the ground running in spite of old age or any other condition like the Judge Minty character would. He thought that Hollister was going to kill Drex and then he joked to her that shes going soft and that he liked her when she was wearing the blue hair wig. Hollister replies by giving him the middle finger also known as the bird. Also hes going to return in the Forth chapter of the Cursed edge Movie to debrief Labelle and Eames on there last mission.

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