Judge Volt
Judge Volt
Real Name:
Judge Volt
Aliases: Volt
Allignment: Good
Affiliations: Justice Department
Academy of Law
Portrayed by: Daniel Hadebe
Appearances: Dredd

Judge Volt is a Judge in Mega-City One.


Judge Volt works as a Street Judge for the Justice Department. One night he and another judge respond to a judges under fire call from Judge Dredd and Cassandra Anderson who were being attacked in the Peachtree Block. He attempted to enter but was denied entry from the Ma-Ma Clan's techie. The clan techie said that they had lost control of their system during a war protocol drill and were unable to comply. Volt responded by threatning to charge them with a miscarriage of justice charge if they did not rectify the situation quickly. Ma-Ma eventually called the corrupt judges Lex, Alvarez, Chan and Kaplan to kill Dredd.

The corrupt judges arrive at Peachtree and Judge Alvarez asks the block to open up which they promptly do. As the four enter the block Judge Lex informs Volt and his accompanying judge that they are relieved.


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