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A Lawmaster is a Judge's primary form of street transportation.


It is a type of futuristic, heavy-duty motorcycle. It is regulated by a computer with limited artificial intelligence. They are shown to mount machine guns with brass catchers, carry Widowmakers and have communications capabilities, allowing Judges to relay information to and from a control center at the Grand Hall of Justice, crowd control capabilities and carry equipment for securing and investigating crime scenes. In the comics lawmasters are fitted with robot brains so that if necessary they can work on their own and respond to voice commands relayed by the Judge's radio helmet.


  • In the 1995 Judge Dredd movie, an exact replica of the comic Lawmaster was made, but it was too bulky to steer. So, in the 2012 Dredd movie, the filmmakers took some liberties with the Lawmaster to make it more ergonomic. 
  • Flying Lawmaster variants exist in addition to the land based ones.
  • The Lawmaster motorcycles in the 2012 film were built on Suzuki GSX 750s with extended chassis.
  • The Judge Dredd film of 1995 gave the Lawmasters a hover mode to enable vehicular propelled anti-grav flight in order to pursue airborne criminals and perpetrators.