Luna City One or Luna-1 is an American-founded human settlement on the surface of Earth's moon. It is the first and largest of the lunar cities.

Neighbours include Puerto Lumina and the Sino Block's city Zhang Heng.


Oxygen Board

The Oxygen Board by Brian Bolland

Luna-1 is an extraterritorial city on the Moon. The city is protected by oxy-domes constructed of self-repairing cellu-foam, with oxygen originally supplied by the government-run Oxygen Board.

Beyond that lay the unforgiving wastes of the ironically named Oxygen Desert. It has a little-mentioned municipal council. The city borders the Eagle lander from the Apollo 11, which remains as a landmark.


The International Astronautics and Space Administration offered a ten million credit prize to anyone who could find life on the moon. In 2014, entrepreneur Clinton Wendell Moonie claimed the prize when he discovered a microbe - which infected him with Selenite Hydrocephalus Syndrome ("Moonie's Disease"). A number of explorers died and Moonie was hideously deformed before a cure was found. The bitter Moonie decided he was now "owed" the moon.[1]

Moonie worked to gain control of America's lunar territories. The International Lunar Treaty of 2061 would grant a million square miles of the moon's surface to North America.[2]

After the Atomic Wars, the lunar colonies agreed to the Judge system and were rapidly crushed of resistance. The Oxygen Board and oxy-corps were then given great powers to collect revenue.[3]

In 2075, the Luna-Territories were seeing a period of growth and seen as a desirable place to move by Texas City's Judge Hess.[4]

Judge Marshal

Dredd as Marshal, with Tex

In 2088, the city of Luna-1 was formally established by Mega-City One, Mega-City Two, and Texas City. This was partly diplomatic exercise, designed to renew and cement relations with Texas City. Government of the colony is divided initially between all three cities, with a senior Judge being sent every six months to take over as Judge-Marshal.[5]

In 2099, Luna-1 was still an expanding frontier with new plots of land being opened to claimants; it strongly resembled the Wild West in many respects. Moonie's control was near-absolute (only the government-run Oxygen Board was as powerful as him), the Judges were failing to keep order, and Judge-Marshal's had a habit of dying on the job. Judge Dredd was appointed Judge-Marshal shortly before Christmas. After several assassination attempts, he stormed Moonie's home and brought him to justice.[6] With the help of Judge Tex, Judge Chico and Judge Ché, he continued to clean up the city.

Luna Olympics

The Olympics

In 2100, the city held the Olympics in Crater Stadium. A Sov athlete was assassinated and the Sov Judge delegate declared war - a formal 'war game' of two opposing teams for territory. Thanks to Dredd, the Luna team won and was awarded some Sov territory in compensation.[7]

In the spring, 53,000 people were killed and half a million died when a raider gang pumped tranquiliser into the Oxy-Stations and knocked out most of the city. The Judges considered it unlikely they could find the robbers responsible for the atrocity. However, the robbers had forgotten to pay their oxygen bill and were 'cut off' - after losing their keys. Judge Dredd discovered the gang’s corpses, surrounded by loot, three days later.[8] When Dredd finished his six-month term, he appointed Tex as permanent Judge-Marshal.

By the 2110s, the moon was being policed by international Judge forces on 12-month tours[9] and Luna-1 had stopped becoming an American colony. Under the Global Lunar Partnership Treaty, it was open to various foreign megacities and became a cosmopolitian, modern city-state with more foreign Judges sent up to bolster it. All Treaty members agreed to protect Luna-1's integrity and neutrality, but in reality tried to use it to have influence over the city. Treaty members included East-Meg Two, the Sino Block, Hondo, Brit-Cit, Oz, the Pan-Andes Conurb, Casablanca, Vatican City, Indo-City, and Simba City.[10]

Luna-1 Hilton

Luna-1 in 2118

In 2118, Dredd return to Luna-1 to pursue antiques racketeer Jizz Rydel for stealing from the Black Museum. Alongside Casablanca Psi-Judge Hassid, he began an investigation but was arrested for a series of brutal murders. The SJS, run by the sadistic Judge Kessler, tortured him for a confession. Instead it turned out the killer was Dredd's zombie self from the "City of the Damned" future, out on a rampage to try and find a way back home. Dredd stopped it but not before it killed many people, among them Hassid.[11]

When the Meatmonger aliens began abducting humans, Luna-1 satellites tried to find the cause of the disappearances.[12]

Aging film star Conrad Conn spent his last penniless days on Luna-1.[13] Another actor was Sir Tam "Big Jock" Tamson McJock, who moved there in 2074 and refused to return to Cal-Hab until all trace of Brit-Cit rule (and the 22 million in tax he owed) were erased.[14]

Luna-1 SJS


By 2126, investment was down and the colony had been in slow decline for years. Most cities had stopped sending Judges since Judgement Day[15] and the ones sent were often ones Earth didn't want. An elderly Moonie had escaped jail and was working with East-Meg Two to try and destabilise the colony, so the Treaty would be nullified and the Sovs could send troops to 'restore order' under the Treaty. Moonie had backdoor controls into many Luna-1 systems and was able to use oxygen withdrawals and subliminal signals to start brutal riots. Judge-Marshal Tex requested a global team of assisting Judges led by Dredd but was himself assassinated; when Deputy Marshal Ché was unable to handle the crisis, Kessler pushed him into increasing the violent response and planned to seize control.

Dredd's team, with the help of defecting Sov Judge Kontarsky, uncovered the plot but the foreign powers were unwilling to step in against East-Meg Two. Undaunted, Dredd assumed Judge-Marshal status from Ché and led a strike-team that defeated Moonie and the Sov force. Before giving up his role, he nullified the Partnership Treaty, reinstated the six-month Marshal program, privatised and broke up the Oxygen Board so it couldn't be coopted again, and made Konstarsky the new Marshal. Kessler warned him that Luna-1 would not be able to handle the sudden independence.[16]

Kessler was correct: by 2127, the city was becoming further run down, crime was up, corruption had grown in the local Judge force and Marshals were targets once more, and unemployment had gone up under the private oxygen companies. Judge King of Mega-City One became the new Marshal. The psychic Caeron Rinken, daughter of an oxygen mogul, used her powers to make King murder all of her father's competitors during 'full Earths' (the "Earth murderer"). When this was exposed [17] the oxygen companies were left in disarray and MC-1's Enormo Overdrive was able to buy them all out (and fired 99.99% of the human staff).[18]

As one of Judge Bachmann's allies, Overdrive began constructing the "Luna-2" godcity in secret on the other side of the moon.[19]


"I pledge allegiance to the badge of Judge-Marshal of Luna-1 and to the code for which it stands: one colony, under law and discipline and order for all."
—Dredd, accepting the Judge-Marshal role
Luna-1 Judges

Luna-1 Judges circa 2127

Initially, the Judges were from American megacities and dressed as such. By the 2110s, foreign Judges also remained. The moon-born Judges began to have their own uniforms by the 2120s: black with dark blue kneepads and chest armour. Almost all foreign Judges were recalled in 2126, leaving the Luna-1 force reliant on Mega-City One and Texas City to boost its manpower - which Texas City did not.[20]

Luna-1 Judge gear

STUP guns and Zippers

Due to the low gravity, Luna Judges pilot low-hover Zipper Bikes. While firearms were used by Judges, the threat of dome punctures meant they were replaced with electrical STUP-Guns and STUP-Cannons (Scalar-Tesla Uniform Pulse) by the 2110s. The most advanced Zipper in 2118 was the Krait 3000 but budget cuts meant the Judges were mostly using older models in 2126. In 2127, wheeled bikes were being used.

Luna-1's Special Judicial Service have greater powers than Mega-City One's and can carry out brutal torture; bladed instruments are allowed. The SJS building is an over-the-top gothic structure marked with skulls.[21]


Luna-1 said that Luna-1 was divided up by the three American mega-cities in 2061, while later strips establish they were still part of the United States until 2070. The "Second Civil War" first mentioned in 2000 AD Annual 1984 had the city and its Judge-Marshall rotation started in 2088.

  • In his script for "The Killing Zone", Dave Stone left a note for Big Finish that Puerto Luminae was to Luna-1 "the same way that Puerto Rico exists to the mainland USA".[22]


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