300px-The Ma-Ma Clan

The Ma-Ma Clan are a gang of criminals led by their leader, Madeline Madrigal and featured in the 2012 Dredd film adaptation.


Unlike the 1995 film adaptation, this gang is comprised of humans rather than Mutants. The Ma-Ma clan is based in the Peachtree Block. Having wiped out the other three main gangs in the area, the clan have undisputed control over the building by the time the events of the film take place, with their turf stretching all the way from the 200th floor to the ground level. By the events of the film, they had Slo-Mo distribution points in at least three blocks, besides Peach Trees and making inroads to Sectors 9 and 15. As an initiation rite, each new member of the clan is inked with the word "Ma-Ma" inside a heart, usually on the side of their necks, marking them as property of the clan for life. The entire clan was systematically wiped out by Judges Anderson and Dredd. It is suspected that there are more clan members still alive, for sure including the Clan Techie, Amos and Freel, so the remaining members of the clan were likely arrested or returned to normal life after the clan was destroyed.


Prominent members of the clan include:

  • Ma-Ma: Leader of the clan and its namesake 
  • Caleb: Ma-Ma's main enforcer
  • Big Joe: Enforcer
  • Kay: Mid-level enforcer and slow-mo dealer
  • Japhet: Low-level enforcer
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