Maria was Judge Dredd's maid.


Maria, along with Walter the Wobot, provided an early glimpse into Judge Dredd's homelife. (In early stories she was described as Dredd's landlady, but this was later revised to maid.) Written with a stereotyped Italian accent, the story Whatever Happened To Maria would reveal she was not Italian at all but faking it for reasons unknown. After years of working for Dredd and even joining in the resistance in the Apocalypse War, she was kidnapped by Mean Machine Angel and his brother Fink, who mistook her for Dredd's wife, after which she resigned and vowed never to work for Dredd again. She became a homeless alcoholic. Maria died in 2126 and left all her money (revealed to be a sizeable amount despite her homelessness) to Dredd, which he promptly donated to several Mega-City One charities.

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