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Marty Zpok was a semi notorious serial killer of the 22nd century's most beloved 'Muzak' stars. He had a unusual philosophy that music peaked in the late 20th century and ever since pop had been declining into a shallow throwaway noise for the masses. So to save the 'herd' (as Zpok refers to the population) from themselves he thought he'd ought to kill every big Muzak star of his day to then bring in a new golden age of pop.


Marty Zpok's apartment

Zpok was a regular cit within Mega City-1, residing in the Jim Reid Block he presumably lived off City pensions like most citizens. Growing up lethargic and apathetic like most he became enamoured by 20th century culture and muzak. Dressing in solely 20th century clothes he'd exclusively buy from vintage thrift shops decorating his room with posters and albums, most as old as hundred years. It was then listening to such "alternative" music compared to the regular muzak he viewed (hypocritically) the average citizens condescendingly, as though they were mindless zombies walking through the city calling the populous 'The Herd'. This contrasted greatly to what Marty thought of himself as free thinking and better as the rest. Living his life as such he listened to all his albums so many times he started to listen to them backwards, oddly finding them fun. It was then turning the record of "Monkey On My Back" in "Do-Little" by the Gremlins he started to hear the cryptic message of 'Kill the Muzak', he interrupt this as a message to save 'The Herd' from themselves and rid the city of passionless muzak. Buying a vintage gun he set off to murder every star one by one.

Judge Dredd: Muzak Killer[]

In 2112, beloved ex Oz Mega soap opera star of "Good Blokes" turned muzak star Jaz Ramsay visited Mega City-1 in the Bob Hawke Block. As him and three other groupies were going to take a kay of sugar. Marty Zpok, taking the advantage of his trip, took the opportunity to break into the Lux-Apt and gun down the celebrity aiming to be the first killing of many. Judge Dredd paired with Judge Dekker were first on the scene of the crime, the Tek Judges deuced from Ramsay's bullet wounds that the murderer used as vintage weapon. Knowing this Dredd made enquires into different antique stores and museums for recently purchased fire arms. When news broke out about the murder of Jaz the record company that owned him, "The Hit Brothers", saw an advantage to make creds off the death, with merchandising, a memorial album and a charity concert where all the biggest muzak stars will play in tribute.

The concert announced on the vid channel "Smiley" to be held in a months time, Zpok saw this as an advantage to kill all of the stars in one go. When Dredd got a tip where Marty lived from one of the antique venders him and Dekker soon discovered he abandoned the apartment taking all of his vintage amenities with him.

Jaz Ramsay memorial concert[]

A month past and with the fear of Marty's comeback still looming the concert was still allowed being held in Simon Bates Stadium, showing off such acts as 'Coz', 'New Juves On the Sector', 'Big Groove', 'Funk Mutie' and opening act 'Styreen O'Boge' singing 'Better the Facelift You Know' there was a huge crowd with a huge risk of rioting if something to go awry. Heading the operations of the concert and the safety of the stars was Judge Dredd, who sealed of the main stage so no one without permission could possibly get in. Unknown to Dredd Marty Zpok had been living in the stadium for the last three weeks anticipating for the strict security of the concert. As the loud noise of the shows as cover Marty went backstage and massacred everyone of the muzak stars. Dredd and Dekker finding out managed to track down Marty who was planting dynamite to kill Styreen O'Boge performing. Chasing him through the explosion him and Marty Zpock ended up having a shoot out on the stage itself with Dredd shooting him through the shoulder.


The concert (for obvious reasons) having to be called off initiated a riot which soon back up forces quelled. Marty Zpok was later to be dubbed the 'Muzak Killer' was sentenced sixty years in a Iso block.

Iso years 2112 - 2114[]

The Iso block that Marty Zpok was placed was unusually laxed, with a empty court yard to roam and a showers to bathe it seemed even to allow few items for entrainment within. Zpok staying there he got into exercise to pass the time though even then he was bullied by other inmates for being so annoying. After his killings in the Ramsay concert his plan had failed and instead of a great music revival taking place the dead muzak stars just got replaced by new ones. While detained Marty grew quite a legacy as the "Muzak Killer" for being a sad and pathetic man with many articles emphasising how truly sad he was with even this being his legacy also amongst the Judges.

The most famous article written about him was from journo 'David O'Steven' in 'Streetsounds' magazine stating "Marty Zpok's slaughter of muzak stars proves how sad some people are. The love of a good woman might help - But he's so sad he probably never had a girlfriend, the sad jerk."

Even then however Marty managed to create a niche following. These fans of his believing in his own philosophy they started to look up to the Muzak Killer.

Muzak Killer: Live![]


Indy's apartment

Two years into Marty's sixty year sentence a gang of young idols of Marty obtained a armoured hover van and broke into the Iso block where they were keeping Marty in believing they needed him as a leader to carry on his work. Unremarkably as they rescued Marty from captivity and flew away Dredd chased the vehicle and manged to shoot it out of the sky. With only Marty Zpock and a Hipppy 'Alterni-vibes' fan called 'Indiana "Indy" Saddoe' (who Marty is repulsed by due to his taste of music) surviving the crash, the two fled to Indy's apartment. Marty learning what happened while he'd been gone and seeing his reputation he decided to team up with Indy to kill David O'Steven and take over the popular vid show of Channel 9's 'Word Up' killing the interviewees while being broadcasted, this he hoped would make the citizens see how "wrong" they were for liking muzak and then would want to start a retro music revival after hearing Marty's songs.

Word Up take over[]

Vid Watching family

Vid Watching family

Marty and Indy infiltrating the Channel 9 studios Marty became the new presenter after killing the old. Indy using the randomiser he built broke into the Channel's control room using his device so Justice Department wouldn't be able to take down the live broadcast. As show runner Zpok broadcasting himself to the city started to gun down all of his guest stars, such as, the indecisive Emerald Isle singer 'Mairaid McSlaphead', Anni O'Boge (sister to Styreen O'Boge) and 'Clarence' from 'Crazy Sked Moaners' (who accidentally killed himself after getting annoyed that his band is never taken seriously).

The station being infiltrated by Dredd he would then kill Indy and cut the transmission. Where after in another shoot out with Marty, Dredd shot him in the head. The bullet while passing all Marty's vitals would be stuck in his head. Sentenced to the Kook cubes now been turned into a "vegetable" due to the bullet he was brought to a padded cell where he spent, presumably, the remainder of his life listening to cheesy muzak songs to comfort him.

Zpok in a Kook cube


Marty Zpok was a arrogant dilutional serial killer. Looking down onto all his fellow citizens because they don't listen to the same taste in music as he does even if you don't listen to the mainstream he'd still consider you too sheepish if you weren't listening to the 'The Smiths' and bands akin. A grizzly murderer, he sees no qualms to the sight and thought of killing and in fact relishes in it, finding it fun. He dilution himself to think that he is in fact the saviour of Mega City-1 believing if he brought back the "good times" then all the ills of the city would be fixed just as easy.


Dressing up only in vintage clothing from the 20th century, he spots a buttoned up shirt, blacked out glasses, a long trench coat and spiked black hair. His most iconic appearances however is his missing front tooth and his Walkman headphones he has to listen to his tapes.

Marty gaf


  • Throughout the two storylines there are numerous of references and songs to 20th century pop and rock music.
  • Marty Zpok whole shtick is parody of hipsters, especially those from the early 1990s
  • Interviewee "Clarence" of the "Crazy Sked Moaners" was a parody of “Richey Edwards” of the “Maniac Street Preachers”. In a scene which parodied the infamous 1991 incident of Richey carving 4 REAL into his forearm with a razor (Clarence lasers 4 RALE into his forehead).


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