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Max Normal was one of Judge Dredd's premier informants in the 2090s through to 2100s and has still encountered him on occasion. His connections to Dredd was well known in the underworld for years (partly from Normal mentioning it while drunk) but the fear of Dredd coming after them protected him from reprisal.[1]

One of the more famous people in the Normals Fad - weirdos who dress in staid, conservative clothing - he used to be known as "the pinstripe freak", and Dredd in 2099 found his look grotesque and confusing.[2] While this was a big youth fad in the 2080s and 2090s[3], he's stuck with it into old age. His voice is noted to be "pure cool, smooth, silky, deeply resonant".[4]

He is an expert shuggy player.

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