Mean Machine Angel
1995 Mean Machine Angel
Real Name:
Mean Angel
Aliases: Mean Machine
Allignment: Bad
Affiliations: Angel Gang
Portrayed by: Christopher Adamson
Appearances: Judge Dredd
"We had to make some alterations when he was a child. The Cursed Earth's a tough place on young folks."
Pa Angel[src]

Mean Machine Angel is a villain in the 1995 film Judge Dredd.


After Judge Dredd and Fergee were captured by the Angel Gang they are introduced to Mean, who Pa Angel informs the pair of their adjustments to Mean in his youth. Dredd manages to free himself, and knocks Mean unconscious, turning his head dial down, and quickly kills the rest of the Angel Gang. Mean recovers consciousness and kills former Chief Justice Fargo who had just come upon the scene, saving Dredd's life. Dredd and Mean fight and Dredd manages to electrocute Mean to death using the power from Mean's own electric arm, citing a violation of Mega City Municipal Code; improper use of city electricity.

Video gameEdit

Mean Machine also appears in the video game adaptation as well as a boss. He can launch missiles from his mechanical arm and can knock a player back using brute force. He must be defeated in order to complete an objective—to find the Book of Law.

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