Judge Minty
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Postion Cursed Earth Judge
Affiliation Unknown
Alignment Good
Status Alive
Cause Unknown
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Judge Minty (Film) May of 2013
Latest Appearance None
Portrayed by Edmund Dehn

Judge Minty (Portrayed by Edmund Dehn) is the protagonist of the 2013 fan film of the same name, based on a character from the comic series also of the same name.  The Film covers his last day as a street Judge and the the Long Walk Ceremony then his first 24 hours in the cursed earth. its day time when he enters the cursed earth he spends the night hunting down the local Judge killing gang.


Minty is an ageing Judge, seemingly in his late 60's-70's. He has greying hair and the signs of his ageing are showed deftly across his face.


Minty's age had began to cloud his beliefs about the people of the city, and began to wander if a softer treatment would get through to the people. However after a thorough bashing of his beliefs he reverts back to his older and far harsher treatments.


The Film covers his last day as a street Judge and then the Long Walk Ceremony then his first days in the cursed earth. He first walks by a sign that has a Judge head mounted on top that says "NO LAW 2000miles". In his first 2-3 days he realizes that he is being hunted by a gang of thugs, led by a psychic Mutant named Aquila.

Fleeing from the gang he sets up a trap to lure some of the gang members in. Killing off two thugs that fall to his prey (one of which turns out to be a young blonde girl), the rest of the gang finally gets on his tail with their leader shown to be enraged by the death of the girl. Using the cover of smoke bullets he is able to flee and lead the gang into an abandoned settlement. There he encounters a band of deadly creatures called Gila Munjas. The creatures are reluctant to stir trouble with judges and as they are not sure if he is alone they allow Judge Minty to back off unharmed, while setting an explosive trap for the gang. When the gang finally arrives they trigger the trap, simultaneously rousing the Gila Munjas to attack them. The creatures quickly finish off the common thugs while Judge Minty slips away from the settlement.

The Psychic leader of the thugs offers the creatures formidable resistance with his powers, killing 4 of them, but eventually has his belly sliced open and falls to the ground. In the following morning Judge Minty finds the last of the thugs (who is wearing a costume resembling that of Napoleon Bonaparte) crawling away from the settlement injured. He pleads for his life saying "I had no choice!" Judge Minty answers "Me neither" and the scene ends with a gunshot fading to black. In the final scene Judge Minty returns to the sign he passed in the beginning and replaces the initial text with "JUSTICE 2000miles".

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