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Morton Judd was the Head of Genetics during the early days of Judge system, being the creator of the twin Fargo clones Joesph and Rico Dredd.


Justice Department[]

After the attempted suicide of Chief Judge Fargo, Judd was tasked to clone an elite force of Judges from his DNA, and after a multitude of tests, he was able to produce viable clones. The twin clones of Joe and Rico, were a success, and would go on to aid in the efforts of the Great Atom Wars as cadets. As time went on however, Judd became increasingly more erratic with his deluded visions of a genetic utopia, by cloning citizens into an obedient race of people. Fargo, who was brought back from stasis, would veto this idea, believing it to be an act too far removed from the authority allowed to the Judges. This angered Judd to the point of orchestrating an assassination attempt on Fargo and his fellow Judges, but he ultimately failed and fled Mega City One.[1]


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