New Pacific City is a megacity in the former New Zealand. Around 2117, it became known as Kiwi-Cit.


The megacity is allegedly one of the most crime-free on the planet. News is provided by Kiwi-Cit HoloNews. [1]

It is neighboured by the nearby settlements of The Friendly City, The Sydney Melbourne Conurb and Antarctic City; Ozzers like Jugs Mackenzie don't think much of the New Zealanders.

In 2117, it was targeted by InterDep: various murders were committed to subtly provoke a violent bar brawl.[2]


  • New Pacific City was created for the world map in prog 701 (Shamballa), though because of the "Sydney-Melbourne Conurb" text it can appear like "New Pacific City" is the volcanic site nearby. "Kiwi-Cit" is the name given to the New Zealand megacity in subsequent 2000 AD stories.
  • The location of the city is roughly where the capital of Wellington is located.
  • Funny enough, Karl Urban played Judge Dredd. Karl Urban is from New Zealand.


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