New York City formed the centre of Mega-City One. Over time, most of the city (particularly Times Square) was concreted over and became the a areas known as Undercity[1]and also known as Old New York ; the Empire State Building and others were moved up to the main city for the tourist trade.[2]Either urbanisation stretched across the sea to Liberty Island or the Statue of Liberty has been moved, as it's now part of Mega-City One. There's a weak point in the fabric of time at Times Square, where two old Indian paths meet.[3]


In Indian legend, Manhattan Island was known as Man-a-Hat-Ta, 'the garden of heaven'. A race of immortals lived there, committing acts that angered "the Star Lords" that created them. Twenty thousand years ago, the Star Lords sent in Judge Mathew Laza who ordered the immortals to reduce their lifespans to a thousand years (and exterminated those that resisted). A surviving immortal, Paul Klesa, murdered three young women at Times Square (or its predecessor Long acre Square) every 150 years, as part of a birthday ritual that allowed him to see his dead family. He was caught and sentenced to jail for his most recent killings in 1980.[4] A Predator hunted in New York in the late 20th century.[5]

In 1977, the city was hit by a heatwave (temperatures reached 100 degrees farenheight for 18 days), the Son of Son of Sam stalked the city, and severe riots broke out in Harlem. Unrecorded in history was that a time-travelling Judge Dredd murdered several New Yorkers to stop an alien plague from spreading in his time.[6]

By the 2020s, New York had become part of a growing megacity.
MC-1 window view

A view of New York city looking east as the sun is rising.

In the filmsEdit

New York City (Judge Dredd)

a view of New york city looking west as the sun sets centered on a Unnamed sector in or near what is now New York in the year 2134.


  • The Lenape name for Manhattan ("Mannahatta") actually means "land of many hills", not "garden of heaven". The 'Indian' mythology mentioned in "Birthday Boy" was made up by Pat Mills.
  • Judge Dredd was originally meant to be set in a future New York City and his first strip, "Judge Whitey", was explicitly set there. However, Carlos Ezquerra's design of the city was so futuristic that it prompted a rethink.[7] and the very next strip expanded that to "New York - part of the vast Mega-City 1 in America"[8].


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