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The Peyote Kings was one of three gangs in Peachtree Block which was wiped out when the Ma-Ma Clan came to power.


  • It is hypothesized that this gang has a voodoo religion due to strange tattoo markings seen on a gang member from the movie.
  • The skull tattoos may also be an indication that the gang was Mexican in origin, as the skull has a cultural significance.
  • Although the gang's ethnicity is largely unknown, it is quite likely that the members are either Native American, (since Peyote is a native drug) Hispanic or Hatian or a combination of said races. 
  • It is unknown what illegal business activity this gang may have specialized in, although it could be drugs, money laundering, prostitution, racketeering, or any combination of these.
  • Peyote could be a reference to the Peyote cactus, from which the drug mescaline is extracted.