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Clinton Box

President Clinton Box blazing through the Radlands with Redpants

President Clinton Box was the leader of mutant gang Arkansas Redpants, Box and his gang attempted to unite all mutants in Texas City's Radlands into a United Mutant States of America with Box as their unofficial President. Being eventually taken seriously by Texas City when it was revealed Clinton Box had access to Atom War Nuclear Warheads.


Clinton Box amongst his family (all with the distinctive box shape mutation) in south of the Radlands created a prominent Mutant gang by the name of the Arkansas Redpants. During his rise to power Texas City didn't see him much of a threat.

Bloody Campaign Trail - 2117[]

However, during the summer of 2117 Clinton and his Redpants (guided by his neck-less war marshal Captain Skrag) started to successfully conquer the northern Mutant territories. Uniting them all he declared himself President of the "United Mutant States of America", a regime built on favouring certain Mutant sub species then others. With his family, square heads, being the most favoured upon and rival Mutant families such as the 'Coneheads' and 'geeks' being discriminated against. When plundering a village, he'd ask for their allegiance being forced to recite "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Mutant states of America and for the Republic for which it stands for - one nation under President Clinton Box". He'd then set up a 'contitushun' asking for an inhumane number of supplies (if this request cannot be filled, he'd burn the village to the ground).

President Clinton Box making an announcement

He became so big that he planned to divide the Mutant territories into five states and name each one after himself e.g., Boxsyvania, appointing his family to govern each. He founded the capital of "Box City" where he'd then rule. He planned to remake a "new free America" built on "democracy" and "freedom" (when in reality it was a Fascist Oligarchy). Becoming a big threat that he even started to scare Texas City. Texas City threatened to intervene Clinton Box's "U. M. S." but Clinton by, happen stance, found three hundred Nuclear Warheads stored in silos unlaunched from the Great Atom War. This then scared Texas City from intervening asking Mega City One to overtly intervene for them.

Judge Dredd: The Three Amigos[]

This was when Judge Dredd and his "amigos" Judge Death and Mean Machine Angel were set on a mission to infiltrate the Arkansas Redpants ranks becoming part of the gang to disarm all Nuclear Warheads so Texas City can intervene. Tricking the gang that Dredd has turned against the law with the proof being he's working with Judge Death and Mean Machine he got into Clinton Box's higher ranks. Through series of murder and body inhabiting, the "amigo's" discovered Clinton has planted Nuclear Warheads within Texas City.

The city was informed of this, and the gang went on their way to disarm all the other Warheads. Invading the silos, taking Clinton Box as a hostage, Judge Death then betrayed Mean and Dredd setting the Warheads to self-destruct, an explosion so great it would be catastrophic for all the surrounding territories. Dredd and Mean however captured Judge Death and disarmed the Nuclear Warheads, during this President Clintion Box was shot in a shootout with Judge Dredd and Judge Death. After the event Texas City obtained the silos for themselves and Dredd betrayed Mean when promising to unite with his resurrected family to then imprison them all. It is unclear whatever happened to the Arkansas Redpants or the "U. M. S." with it being assumed Texas City enforcements eventually dissolved the states and gang.


It was shown that President Clinton Box was a cruel figure punishing with his two poisonous snakes for minor offences, taking pleasure in bullying the poor. He was an egotist, constantly talking about himself as a saviour for all Mutants and renamed states after himself. He was highly nepotistic and discriminatory against his non squarehead family, giving them less rights.


He wore constantly distinctive bright red pants. With a belt and a buckle displaying the United States's flag. Amongst this he wore shirts with a pin up tie and a sleeveless jacket with many patriotic pins on it.


  • His deminer, appearance and name were an obvious parody of the then running U. S. President Bill Clinton. Box was a southern patriotic Arkansas native egomaniac that spoke hypocritically and suffered from discriminating against race and held severe nepotism all while bullying the poor, with all his followers being stereotypical Texan Hicks. All of this was what Bill Clinton shared and was criticized over as President.


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